Roseville Clematis CandleholderRoseville Clematis CandleholderRoseville Clematis CandleholderRoseville Clematis CandleholderRoseville Clematis Candleholder

This example is reproduction pottery candle holder in the Clematis pattern. The Roseville Pottery company first introduced Clematis in 1944. Only between 1932-1937 would country of manufacture not have been mentioned in their mark, so "USA" should be printed on it. Instead, on this piece there is an obvious blank area between the pottery's name and the 1159 4 1/2 mold number on the bottom.

A real Roseville candle holder in this pattern will have clear definition to the flowers, both in shape and color, with anthers and stamens at the center of the flowers differently colored than the petals. Leaves are also colored and clearly defined, nicely framing the flowers . The reproduction shown here is very poorly decorated overall. The flower is a blob of white and some blue splotches below it represent haphazardly applied leaves.

Although unlikely to fool the veteran buyer, not everyone would be immediately aware of differences in quality. Someone might buy this reproduction as 'authentic' because of the Roseville name on it. Unfortunately for pottery collectors, boatloads of false Roseville marked articles continue to be made available for a very nominal price by reproduction wholesale sources. These candle sticks along with other items made in various other copied Roseville patterns can be seen on the catalog page of one such wholesale source included in this listing.

Measures 5" tall.

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Roseville Clematis Candleholder

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