Bisque Head Kestner 221 Googly DollBisque Head Kestner 221 Googly DollBisque Head Kestner 221 Googly DollBisque Head Kestner 221 Googly DollBisque Head Kestner 221 Googly DollBisque Head Kestner 221 Googly DollBisque Head Kestner 221 Googly DollBisque Head Kestner 221 Googly Doll

This example is a modern reproduction doll made from a mold taken from a real German Kestner 221 'Googly' or Roguish-eyed doll. It has a bisque socket head on a heavy, modern, composition body. The head has brown glass eyes, a watermelon mouth, and brunette human hair wig. Dressed in the appropriate type of old clothing this doll looks very much like the real thing.

Marked on the back of the head, "Made in Germany//J.D.K.//221//M.Mosser-78." this marking would indicate to any knowledgeable buyer it is a reproduction, but novice buyers may more easily be fooled. Artist's marks may also be obscured by gluing a wig down over them, or hidden in other ways until after a transaction has taken place. A buyer/collector should not ever have to pay a premium amount to buy this type of doll. Always examine a collectible doll's body or, if buying online, expect to be shown visible characteristics present on the body that help identify it as old and authentic. Never be ashamed or afraid to ask to see these kinds of images, if not already provided in a listing, or to ask questions prior to purchasing. A quality dealer appreciates the opportunity to prove their expertise to a willing buyer as their aim will be to have them back again in the future as a repeat customer.

As artist-made reproductions age it may become increasingly difficult to differentiate them from the originals they were made to mimic. Doll collecting is one of the many areas where prices are steadily escalating for genuine antique and vintage items, so it can be well worth the time to do at least enough research to know the individual characteristics that must be present on a particular type of doll or doll accessory to prove authenticity. If you don't know what specifics to look for and don't feel you have the time to do research prior to making a purchase, then your best course of action would be to buy dolls for your collection only from established, reputable dealers who value their reputation and avidly seek repeat customers. This type of dealer will be happy to guarantee the authenticity of all items they sell.

Measures 13 1/2 inches tall.

Item ID: 2007RP000528

Bisque Head Kestner 221 Googly Doll

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