"Phoenician Dancer" by D H Chiparus"Phoenician Dancer" by D H Chiparus"Phoenician Dancer" by D H Chiparus"Phoenician Dancer" by D H Chiparus

This is another example of a new fake bronzed metal item typically found advertised as if a fine art sculpture created by the Art Deco period master artist, Demetre Haralamb Chiparus. Even though the base is marked, 'D.H. Chiparus' this is not a period piece that artist ever touched. It is not something personally made 'by' him.

We see here a dancer clad in Egyptian-style garments enameled with colors so bright they almost look clownish, particularly on the face of the figure. Details are poor and the surface of the figure is rough to the touch. The application of the bronze-colored patination on the surface was hit and miss and bright brassy new metal shows where it's missing.

An original made by Chiparus would exhibit very fine details like finely formed fingers on which even the fingernails can be discerned. Basically his dancers typically appear to be real, live women in miniature. Divinely shaped they are exacting in their realism, as if frozen in a moment of actual movement.

This artist also tended to work with established French foundries. Two in particular. So, an authentic work can be expected to bear a vintage foundry mark, not just his name. Some will also be marked 'Made in France.'

This new figure is permanently attached to a black marble plinth that is too tall and thin to lend any real stability to the arrangement. For a true Chiparus creation expect the size and overall look of the plinth to be 'just right' for the sculpture it supports, not just a simple decorative stone base. It should never look unable to safely support the weight or shape of a sculpture, nor should it be so large that it overpowers the figural element it supports.

Many modern companies are currently reproducing Chiparus designs or simply attaching his name to decorative items that look like they could have been made by him but are not his original designs, at all.

Measures 19 inches tall by 14 1/4 inches wide. The base is 6 1/2 inches by 4 3/4 inches.

Item ID: 2007RP000320

"Phoenician Dancer" by D H Chiparus

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