1896 McKinley Pinback Political Campaign Pin Button1896 McKinley Pinback Political Campaign Pin Button1896 McKinley Pinback Political Campaign Pin Button

This example is a reproduction of an original 1896 Presidential political campaign pinback button featuring William McKinley. This pin was the first in a customer premium gift set made by the American Oil company in 1972. On the front is the campaign's slogan, "Count me for (Mckinley) and a full (Dinner Pail)." Printed on one side of the curl, "McKinley 1896" and on the other, "A-0-1972-1" (American Oil - 1972 - button #1).

American Oil actually made two different examples of this particular pin. The first included foxing (stains) that had been on the original button when it was copied. Although the image we were able to supply of the front of this item is somewhat blurred, the brown cloudy areas represent the areas of foxing that had been present on the original pin. This imprinted foxing was later removed and did not appear on later copies.

It is possible to tell from our images the decorative design on the pin in this listing was printed directly onto the pin's metal surface by lithography (the characteristic dot matrix is clearly visible). Almost no pre-1920 political campaign pins were printed this way, so any that shows the dot matrix characteristic under magnification can almost always be dismissed as a fake. Original political pins from this era typically were constructed of clear celluloid layered over paper, applied to the smooth front surface of a metal disc with a pin-back.

Due to the constraints of the U. S. Hobby Protection Act, every piece of reproduction political memorabilia is required to be clearly marked in a way that will help collectors easily differentiate them from originals. The American Oil political pin set followed the dictates of the Act, but don't be surprised to find the identifying wording originally printed on their reproductions to now be obscured in some way. Shady sellers have been known to hide ID marks with paint or remove them, explaining away as unfortunate 'age' damage the scraped areas where some identifying text used to be. The idea is to make a buyer think they have an original.

See the Favorite Links section for an in-depth reference on this and other types of political campaign collectibles. Educating yourself about items already identified by knowledgeable collectors as, 'not genuine,' can be very useful if you want to collect or sell political memorabilia.

Measures 1 1/4 inch in diameter.

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1896 McKinley Pinback Political Campaign Pin Button

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