French Porcelain Six Well Oyster PlateFrench Porcelain Six Well Oyster PlateFrench Porcelain Six Well Oyster PlateFrench Porcelain Six Well Oyster Plate

This example is another fantasy oyster plate made for the decorator market. In muted pink and white colors with brown accents in each of its 6 scalloped-edge wells, and gold accents. This plate was marketed by the same company that also sold item ID: 2007RP000305 here in this shop. Both plates appeared for sale in the same catalog. These kinds of fakes are often advertised on the secondary market as French even though they are unmarked. These are originally imported wearing only a paper label to identify the country where they were made. Once that paper label is removed these new decorative plates often end up being sold to unsuspecting buyers as if they are old 'estate' collectibles.

The picture of the back of the plate shows the two holes in its foot rim. Those were added at manufacture so the plate could be used for its intended use, which was only to be that of hanging on the wall as a decoration. Those holes are the biggest and most useful immediate clue pieces such as this are not authentic 'oyster plates.' Antique or vintage oyster plates were not made to be decorations. Prior to modern times, oyster plates were only ever meant to be used at the table, for serving oysters, so they did not have any holes on back.

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Measures approximately 8 inches in diameter.

Item ID: 2007RP000306

French Porcelain Six Well Oyster Plate

$110 USD

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