Here we have another example of a new fantasy oyster plate with a false 'Limoges' printed mark. It is very handsome, with a gilt decorated cobalt blue border, iridescent or 'pearlized' oyster shell-shaped wells, and a raised center for sauce. Plates made to be used only for serving oysters were not particularly common, even when they were originally popular long ago. So, if made by one of the past makers of better quality ceramics an example can be extremely appealing to a modern collector. Because of this, many new fakes, reproductions and fantasy pieces have been appearing in the last few years. All are intended to appeal specifically to oyster plate collectors (and their wallets).

This piece is marked on the back with a Limoges-like back stamp with crossed swords and crown. According to information in Gaston's, 'Collector's Encyclopedia of Limoges Porcelain' this spurious crowned swords 'Limoges' mark began to appear near the beginning of the 21st century. To see another of the new fake oyster plate designs that bears the same mark shown here, see Item ID: 2007RP000137 in this shop.

Pieces like this may be easily mistaken for authentic vintage Limoges porcelain. Unfortunately this means all too often a brand new item that was originally purchased from a reproduction wholesale source for only a few dollars can later be resold in a way that costs an unwary buyer a bundle.

Measures 10 inches in diameter.

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Unusual Limoges Oyster Plate


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