This example is a fake or fantasy not originally made for table use, though it could be used to serve oysters. The real intended use, the purpose for which plates like this are being made today, is to fool oyster plate collectors. This item was not made in Limoges, France, though the spurious mark stamped on its reverse side was placed there to suggest it was.

Oyster plates are a type of specialty dinnerware not always included with dish sets. Some oyster plates were special order items. Plates only for serving oysters were not particularly common, even when originally popular, long ago. So, if made by a past maker of better quality ceramics an example can be extremely appealing to a modern collector. Antique oyster plate prices are steadily rising, too. For these reasons many new fakes, reproductions and fantasy pieces have begun to appear in the last few years. They are primarily meant to be decorative, rather than useful, and to appeal specifically to oyster plate collectors (and their wallets) .

The plate in this listing is typical of new replica oyster plates. It lacks certain characteristics that should be expected for authentic Limoges-made porcelain. Though an item may bear a mark suggesting that it is Limoges, if certain quality points are missing their absence helps to identify a counterfeit, regardless of false marks. For instance, always expect true Limoges porcelain to be finely made. This means the body of an article will be thinly potted and translucent. If not translucent, it is not Limoges. Visually, the item illustrated in this listing is thick and somewhat indelicate. No grace is evident in the applied decoration and the gold trim is very bright, without patina. This plate looks new - because it is new. Search in this shop to view general information on the topic of oyster plates being newly made today and to see additional examples of other designs for comparison.

Measures 9 inches in diameter.

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Oyster Dish or Plate Marked Limoges


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    Modern Reproductions, Fakes and Fantasies

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