Uncle Sam Cast Iron BankUncle Sam Cast Iron BankUncle Sam Cast Iron BankUncle Sam Cast Iron BankUncle Sam Cast Iron Bank

This example is a modern reproduction of a late 19th century mechanical bank made by Shepard Hardware Company of Buffalo, New York. Known as the Uncle Sam bank these copies are still available for purchase brand new today from reproduction merchants, though resellers invariably afterward represent their particular example as 'vintage' and 40 or more years old. Items like this are often 'distressed' so they won't so much resemble the brand new merchandise they really are. The intent will be to make a piece look just a bit shabby and second-hand, with wear similar to that which might be expected on a truly old painted, cast iron item.

There is a rubber stopper in the bottom for easy coin removal, a feature that would never have been found on an original bank. The surface is grainy, not smooth, and while the colors mostly correspond to those that would have adorned an original, the overall detail of the painting is very poor. A modern Phillip's head screw is visible on the underneath side of the base, and under the 'original' paint.

See the other cast iron bank listings in this shop for additional information on details and characteristics that help identify modern reproduction, fake and fantasy cast iron pieces, including mechanical banks.

Measures 5 inches wide by 4 inches deep and 11 inches tall.

Item ID: 2007RP000248

Uncle Sam Cast Iron Bank

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