Cameo Glass Vase Signed GalleCameo Glass Vase Signed GalleCameo Glass Vase Signed GalleCameo Glass Vase Signed GalleCameo Glass Vase Signed GalleCameo Glass Vase Signed GalleCameo Glass Vase Signed GalleCameo Glass Vase Signed Galle

This is an example of one of many new types of spuriously marked art glass pieces on the market today. Amid the insects and plants on the surface of this yellow and red colored glass the signature, 'Gallé' appears. But authentic Gallé glass stopped being made many, many years ago, and this piece is new. Turn the vase a little and you will then see another mark - 'Tip.' By adding that additional mark the contemporary Romanian maker of this vase wants a buyer to know the item is not an original and that its method of manufacture and decoration were done only in homage to 'Gallé. Unfortunately, new collectors who do not yet know this may still be encouraged to pay too much, believing it to be an original based on the appearance of the Gallé' name, alone.

If interested in buying something like this for decorative purposes, keep in mind that new from its modern maker pieces like this typically may be had for a wholesale cost of less than $100.

No authentic, genuine Gallé piece was ever marked like this. Though it is possible to remove 'Tip' and leave only 'Gallé,' generally removal is not cost effective. Alteration must be done very carefully to prevent leaving behind a marred area of obvious damage, which would then still speak as loudly to the practiced eye as the lettering.

There are other characteristics which can help to authenticate art glass pieces marked with the Gallé name (and other famous makers). Be on the alert for heavy glass bodies and/or lack of refinement and poor quality etching in decorative designs. An authentic piece will feel delicate to the touch and will be perfectly balanced. Originals were also masterfully decorated and very finely made.

With so many new fakes and reproduction glass items on the market it can certainly pay to learn more about the subject of art glass by investing some time in scholarly research before investing a large sum of money in any single piece.

Measures approximately 7 inches tall and it is about 4 inches across the base.

Item ID: 2007RP000246

Cameo Glass Vase Signed Galle

$1,500 USD

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