White Leather Gucci Designer Logo BeltWhite Leather Gucci Designer Logo BeltWhite Leather Gucci Designer Logo BeltWhite Leather Gucci Designer Logo Belt

This example is a white leather belt with a false 'designer' logo buckle. It is not an authentic product made by Gucci, but a counterfeit. The metal from which the buckle was made and its decorative red and blue enameling are both mediocre in quality. This is sufficient to surely identify it as manufactured by someone other than a house of couture. The only connection to the Gucci name that could realistically be made for an item like this would be the association those who made it might provide. As in, 'Gucci-look belt buckle.'

Making 'knockoffs' of designer-name goods is big business. Designers and makers of authentic 'name' goods lose untold amounts of revenue to the fakes, fantasies and 'knockoffs' of the replica market each year. And potentially they can lose prestige for their name, as well. Buyers sold an undisclosed fake may later come to blame its shoddy workmanship or lack of comfort in wear on the real 'name' company, because they believed the item to be authentic.

Consumers fooled into believing replicas are authentic also lose if purchasing for an amount above equitable retail value. After-market counterfeit goods are almost never worth more than the original retail purchase price paid. Exceptions occur when someone who discovered they actually own a fake sells it to another as an authentic item, to recoup their losses. Meanwhile, authentic designer and couture items, especially those maintained in almost original condition, generally hold their worth and frequently tend to escalate in value.

Reputable dealers guarantee the authenticity of items they sell. Should a counterfeit item be described and sold as authentic because it initially slipped by their own ability to correctly authenticate, a dealer wishing to be worthy of buyer trust will politely accept its return. Nobody is perfect, and buyers deserve to feel they have some measure of security in purchasing.

The buckle portion measures 2 1/4 inches in diameter. The belt is 34 inches in length and 1 1/2 inches wide, but other lengths may be available.

Item ID: 2007RP000225

Gender: Female, Age Group: Adult, Color: White / Gold, Size: .

White Leather Gucci Designer Logo Belt

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