Still another example of an item that is either a reproduction or a fake, depending on whether or not an authentic original in the same shape was ever made in the past by a Limoges porcelain company. This piece is quite attractive and designed to look as if an authentic hand painted original in order to appeal to (and fool) modern collectors.

The fleur-dis-lis with banner mark illustrated in this listing is a well-known fake mark. Well-known to veteran collectors, that is. But, it can still cause confusion for beginning collectors, who may assume items bearing it are old and authentic. Oftentimes items like this with the false fleur-dis-lis "Limoges China" mark will also be sold by the same reproduction wholesale sources with equally spurious R.S. Prussia or Nippon marks, instead. In other words, it is possible to have the exact same item, identical in all ways except for the pretend 'maker's mark' on the bottom. Each different mark is used to aim the same new false item at a different group of collectors.

Make no mistake, the mark shown on the item in this listing is not an authentic Limoges, France back-stamp. The mark does help the item meet requirements for imported goods in that it does contain the name of the actual country of its manufacture - it was indeed made in 'China' as stated: “Limoges - China.”

While there are other aspects about this item that would help to identify if for what it is all one needs to remember is that any item that bears this specific mark cannot be authentic. No French Limoges company ever used this mark in the past. This piece, and its mark, are contemporary.

Measures 10 inches tall and 5 1/2 inches wide.

Porcelain, Limoges
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Handpainted Gold Trimmed Limoges Vase


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    Modern Reproductions, Fakes and Fantasies

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