Vintage Stained Glass Lamp Beautiful BaseVintage Stained Glass Lamp Beautiful BaseVintage Stained Glass Lamp Beautiful BaseVintage Stained Glass Lamp Beautiful BaseVintage Stained Glass Lamp Beautiful BaseVintage Stained Glass Lamp Beautiful BaseVintage Stained Glass Lamp Beautiful BaseVintage Stained Glass Lamp Beautiful BaseVintage Stained Glass Lamp Beautiful Base

This example is a fantasy-design modern-manufactured table lamp with a multi-colored glass shade simulating the look of early electric lamps. It was even made with a dual socket and pull chain arrangement common to many old table lamps. This lamp is very new but may still be erroneously advertised as 'Tiffany Style.' A multitude of companies made electric table lamps with stained glass shades in the early 20th century, including Tiffany. But, Tiffany never made anything similar to the lamp seen in this listing.

Resellers who may know full well this lamp is modern won't always let that knowledge stop them from advertising it to buyers as if vintage, or even antique, in age. The ease with which many of the new reproduction and fantasy design lamps can be damaged tends to make it more beneficial to pass them off to the unwary as if 'old.' A chip or badly worn surface, a crack in a glass shade, on modern-made lamps makes them worth very little on the secondary market. Condition issues means automatically becoming only another damaged 'used' accessory piece. But if viewed as a 'sign of age' or 'patina,' signifying potential history, damage becomes less of a concern for some buyers.

Also beware of new lamps that may have been posed on antique tables in the midst of other real antique furnishings. This can visually suggest the lamp, too, must be an antique, even when it is not.

The base on this lamp appears to be detailed and, at first glance, it seems to perhaps be made of bronze. There is the visual suggestion of aged metal in the gold highlights and hints at the presence of verdigris. This is an illusion. The lamp's base is made of a light, resinous composite material, cleverly painted to look like metal. While the felt covering underneath might appear to have been so placed to protect furniture from the lamp, in fact it is really there to make it less likely the illusion it is made of metal could easily be dispelled by just turning it over and looking.

Taking the weight of a glass shade into consideration, as well as its wide shape, the lightness of new composite or resin bases being employed in many new 'antique-look' lamps makes for a top heavy arrangement that can easily result in an unfortunate resounding crash in the night, should the family cat began to pass her time playfully swatting the pull chains underneath. This lamp could easily be replaced with another new item from the same supplier if its shade were to be broken, of course. But if it were to topple in the night, it could still nail the cat.

There are currently untold thousands of new 'stained glass' items such as lamps on the market today. And most people selling them have no trouble representing them to the buying public as just that - brand new. But we will over time be listing additional examples in this shop of those which may be mistaken for authentic antique or vintage stained glass lamps. Using these comparisons as guides it may be possible for buyers and dealers to more easily avoid a costly mistake in purchasing.

Measures 24 inches in height. The shade is 15 1/2 inches in diameter.

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Vintage Stained Glass Lamp Beautiful Base

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