Cast Iron Victorian Doll BenchCast Iron Victorian Doll BenchCast Iron Victorian Doll Bench

This example is a new fantasy doll bench made of cast iron and wood. The manner in which it is made gives it some 'old fashioned' appeal from a distance, but note the excess flash at the mold seams, pebbly surface and obvious lack of definition in what should be intricate areas of the design. Clear evidence of the use of a modern electric grinding tool to remove the excess and sharp metal flashing from the outside edges of the arms of the piece can be seen. For cast iron, these are all features of the type of poor casting evident only in modern new creations.

See the information offered about cast iron characteristics to watch for in the descriptions of other new cast iron items listed in the Vintage Collectibles section of this shop. Other features that help to identify this bench as very new are the 'star' headed screws used to attach the slats to the base. That is a type of cheap modern fastener that can't realistically even be defined as 'vintage' in age. In addition, while the slats may appear to be made of oak when viewed from the top they are actually made of a 'sandwich' of a very thin oak-like veneer applied to a center that appears to be only a type of light particle board. Real and solid wood would have only been used to construct this type of item, were it an honest antique.

Often newer items like this will be displayed in the company of antique dolls, and indeed a piece like this can make for a nice arrangement if genuine antique accessories are unavailable. But as this bench is contemporary, it should not be represented as, or mistaken for, an actual authentic period piece of 'antique' doll house furniture. Always closely examine any item with cast iron components for the tell-tale characteristics of modern manufacture. Doll-sized accessories often are attractively displayed in the company of real antique dolls, but don't assume by virtue of that association alone that they must be antique in age, too.

This item measures 14 inches wide by 9 inches tall.

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Cast Iron Victorian Doll Bench

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