This example is a fantasy hinged covered box. It is not a French 'Limoges' porcelain item, as titled. This piece was only designed to look like a hand painted original and, as such, intended to appeal to (and fool) modern collectors. The box is decorated in dark pink roses with green and gold accents. It has bronze-look fittings and an ornate clasp. Inside, the white interior features miniature florals on lid and base. Similar porcelain boxes with 'bronzed' fittings, hinged covers, and different (and equally false) maker's marks can also be viewed in this shop.

The mark seen in this listing is not an authentic Limoges, France back-stamp. Strangely enough, the mark helps the item to meet requirements for imported goods since it does bear the stamped name of the real country of manufacture. It was made in 'China' just as stated, “Limoges - China.”

The fleur-dis-lis with banner mark illustrated in this listing is a well-known fake mark. Well-known, that is, to veteran collectors. However, it may cause confusion for beginning collectors, who may assume items bearing it must be old and authentic. So it is offered for examination here, for that reason. A similar, newer, mark of Fleur-dis-lis without the banner can be seen in Item ID: 2007RP00051 here in this shop, too.

While there are other aspects about this item that would help to identify if for a fake, all one needs to remember is that any item that bears this mark cannot be authentic. No French Limoges company has ever used it, past or present. It is a contemporary mark with no connection whatsoever to Limoges, France.

Measures 8 inches wide and 4 inches high.

Porcelain, Porcelain, Limoges

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Large Limoges Porcelain Dresser Vanity Box


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