Victorian Cast Iron FootstoolVictorian Cast Iron FootstoolVictorian Cast Iron FootstoolVictorian Cast Iron FootstoolVictorian Cast Iron Footstool

This example is a reproduction cast iron footstool that is supposed to be mistaken for the finely crafted 19th century cast iron original it copies. We have added side-by-side comparison images to show how features of the cast iron frame in this modern reproduction really cannot compare in quality to the same features in the authentically old example. We do this when possible because it is the best method to illustrate the many differences there actually are between the new and the old. We are only making comparisons with the frame, since the fabric cover you may see on top of either an old or new example may widely vary from the items in this listing.

Be sure to notice how fine details in the design present on the original are utterly lacking in the copy. The new item illustrates the characteristics of poor quality, hasty and cheap manufacturing processes. It certainly does not look as if a skilled craftsman made it.

While fine to purchase these types of items for decorative purposes or regular use in a home, they should never be sold under the guise of being aged or with any suggestion they might hold potential to increase in value.

Measures: 8" Tall, 14" Wide, and 11" Deep

Item ID: 2007RP000208

Victorian Cast Iron Footstool

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