STW Bavaria Germany Elk PlateSTW Bavaria Germany Elk PlateSTW Bavaria Germany Elk PlateSTW Bavaria Germany Elk PlateSTW Bavaria Germany Elk Plate

This example is a large gold-trimmed porcelain plate with ornate gold stenciling that is transfer decorated with the image of a bull elk. The plate is back marked with, "S, T, W" over Bavaria Germany in a shield style mark. A blue beehive mark was also stamped beside the green shield to mimic the hand painted mark of the Imperial and Royal Porcelain Manufactory, Vienna, commonly referred to as Royal Vienna. But, despite the 'beehive' in blue, the plate was not produced by Royal Vienna. The mark is only intended to give that immediate impression, to help suggest the plate is old.

This individual example still retained the original paper label of the American company that specializes in reproduction antiques and fake vintage-look collectibles who ordered it made. The image of the back of the plate is unfortunately not clear enough for the paper label to be read, but the yellow adhesive label can be noted just to the left of the shield back-stamp in image #3. It identifies the company who stocked the item for the wholesale trade and reads, "A. A. Importing, St. Louis, Mo."

This plate is one of many similar types of decorated plates sold for several years by that company. They often turn up at Antique malls and auctions represented as antique because by the time imitation items such as this have passed through a few hands, their true origin is lost. The paper label shown on this example, which can easily help identify it as a contemporary piece, not old, generally would have been removed not long after its purchase new.

The plate is well made and decorated and this is one of those times when looking at maker's marks on the back can actually be the best way to immediately recognize it as something other than an antique porcelain item. The green shield mark shown in picture #5 will never be found on an antique porcelain object.

The plate is approximately 11 1/2 inches in diameter.

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STW Bavaria Germany Elk Plate

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