John Hardy Style Peridot Bracelet and RingJohn Hardy Style Peridot Bracelet and RingJohn Hardy Style Peridot Bracelet and Ring

This example illustrates contemporary imported counterfeit designer replica jewelry pieces being sold 'as if' produced by the John Hardy company, though they were not. The square station bracelet shown is generally sold to buyers online 'as if' containing 80 karats of real gemstones in 'platinum plated sterling silver.' But, whenever pondering the purchase of 'name-brand' jewelry known to be counterfeit, the prospective buyer should wonder if a maker with no qualms about 'borrowing' the name or design from a respectable jewelry artist, might also feel no qualms about only 'pretending' to be offering quality components, too. For instance, is it really 16 cut gemstones they will be buying for $100? Or only cleverly made, colored glass?

The specific pieces shown in this listing are made in China, but they are not alone in feeding the huge world-wide market for counterfeits. Making 'knockoffs' of designer-name goods is big business. Designers and makers of authentic 'name' goods lose untold amounts of revenue to the fakes, fantasies and 'knockoffs' of the replica market each year. And potentially they can lose prestige for their name, as well. Buyers sold an undisclosed fake may later come to blame its shoddy workmanship or lack of comfort in wear on the real 'name' company, because they believed the item to be authentic. Consumers duped into buying a replica lose again if such an item is purchased for an amount above its equitable retail value at time of purchase. Such items may never be worth more than their original retail value in the future, as might an authentic piece.

Some sellers may have a fake name brand item in stock only because the person who sold it to them assured or convinced them of its authenticity. Not everyone who has something like this listed for sale as though authentic is of necessity also wearing a black hat. But other sellers do know perfectly well that what they are offering is only a knockoff. See the Favorite Links page in this shop for a link to the International Anti-Counterfeit Coalition (IACC) and reasons why allowing sales of this type of item is not good for anybody. Sellers of legitimate items should become very concerned if they see others selling counterfeit designer-name goods right next door to them.

This designer replica bracelet measures approximately 1/2 inch wide and 7 1/4 inches long. The ring shown is a size 7, but of course other sizes would certainly be available.

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Gender: Female, Age Group: Adult, Color: Silver / Green, Size: .

John Hardy Style Peridot Bracelet and Ring

$100 USD

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