Heavy Imperial Candlewick Glass CompoteHeavy Imperial Candlewick Glass CompoteHeavy Imperial Candlewick Glass Compote

This example is not a glass compote in the Candlewick pattern by the Imperial Glass company, as identified in the title. Instead, it is only new 'looks like' contemporary glass made in the Czech Republic. This item and other pieces in the same pattern were recently available for purchase in retail department stores. It may still be available for purchase brand new as you read this.

Taking a little time to become familiar with items currently available in old-style patterns of glass can help a buyer avoid purchasing a new piece of glass at an 'antique' price. Collectors of Depression era glass, especially, have been affected for many years now by the steady production of new items made to closely mimic their chosen collectible.

If you like a particular type or pattern of glass and have made the decision to begin collecting it in a serious way, the first step to take is to invest in respected reference books that can help guide you in that pursuit. Be aware that new glass may have been specifically made to appear to be old glass. Companies like to make 'retro' or 'revival' type items because they know something about a style has consumer appeal. It has stood the test of time. Most who begin producing such designs do so honestly, introducing pieces that, while they may be similar in look to glass of the past, are permanently marked in the mold to ensure they cannot easily be accidentally mistaken for another maker's design. Others take advantage of high collector demand for antique glassware. Their expectation is to be able to fool some of the people all of the time by making copy-cat designs bearing only a paper label and no permanent mark.

This piece measures 9 1/2 inches across and it is approximately 8 1/4 inches tall.

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Heavy Imperial Candlewick Glass Compote

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