Czech Standing Christmas Tree DecorationCzech Standing Christmas Tree Decoration

This example is a contemporary fantasy tabletop Christmas decoration. Advertised as a 'standing' Christmas tree design by its original (and contemporary) manufacturer, this item features prong set colorless rhinestones to make the tree shape. It is 'decorated' with red and green rhinestones. Like many other types of niche collectibles, Christmas holiday themed memorabilia are not immune to being invaded by numerous new items made to look 'old.' You may find this very same design, with the same color scheme, also as a jewelry piece in the form of a brooch.

Though unmarked this is another Czech Republic made item. Like the jewelry it closely resembles, we are seeing these holiday themed items regularly and inaccurately identified by some who should know better as 'antique' or 'vintage.' The visible soldering visible on the back side is not indicative of 'wear' or age. The company making these 'vintage look' tabletop items purposefully leaves the back with this 'unfinished' appearance. For this and other reasons they may be sold with the suggestion of being older than they actually are. Note the price in this listing. The maker of these items sells this size new today for a retail price of around $15. A wholesale buyer purchasing larger numbers of the same decoration in bulk would pay an even smaller per-piece price.

For comparisons, search this shop for 'Czech' to view examples of related rhinestone items listed under Jewelry. Related listings in that Lane also contain information about new Czech Republic-made rhinestone items.

This item measures 4 3/4 inches tall by 3 inches wide.

Item ID: 2007RP000175

Czech Standing Christmas Tree Decoration

$50 USD

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