Victorian Silver Miniature Magnifying GlassVictorian Silver Miniature Magnifying GlassVictorian Silver Miniature Magnifying GlassVictorian Silver Miniature Magnifying Glass

This example of a small silver accessory item would probably best be described as a fake, unless an authentic original was once made in this exact same design. If an original just like this ever really existed, then this item would be a contemporary reproduction of that design.

The frame surrounding the glass is a polished silver, the handle is sterling, with a diamond pattern for added security when held for use. Though it has the appearance of a desk accessory, its very small size and the fact it was made to hang like jewelry as a pendant on either a chain or ribbon makes clear it was never intended for actual desk use.

Many types of small silver items such as this will often be offered for sale on the secondary market as if Victorian period pieces. Many are actually available new from a company that specializes in silver jewelry, charms and gift ware. Search this shop for 'reo silver' or 'sterling' to see other examples of new items being made with the look of the 'old.'

The haste of its having been made in a modern factory setting is best observed in close-up views of the product. In Victorian times a jeweler would have made such a thing with care, being conscious of the need to prove his own skill. Pleasing the buyer with the quality of its making would also have been a consideration. It is not the type of item many would need nor be willing to spend their money to buy in Victorian times, so encouraging an affluent buyer to be a repeat customer would have been the aim. The modern mark of '925' die- stamped on the handle is another indication this item is not of the Victorian era.

This item measures approximately 3 inches long and it is about 1 inch wide.

Item ID: 2007RP000171

Victorian Silver Miniature Magnifying Glass

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