McCoy Cookie Jar Mammy with CauliflowersMcCoy Cookie Jar Mammy with CauliflowersMcCoy Cookie Jar Mammy with CauliflowersMcCoy Cookie Jar Mammy with CauliflowersMcCoy Cookie Jar Mammy with Cauliflowers

This example is a reproduction of a cookie jar made by the McCoy Pottery Company in 1939. Originals of this cookie jar design used to sell in the $1,000 to $1,200 range. The high value was due to collector interest, the age of the jars (it was one of the first cookie jars they made), the limited production numbers, and its status as Black Memorabilia, which made it a cross-over item.

But sadly this form has been so widely reproduced in the last few years obtaining a solid price for an authentic example is sometimes hard to accomplish. Buyers can be skittish, and rightly so. This is where fakes and reproduction makers do a great disservice to collectors, who sometimes invest many years and considerable sums in building their excellent collections of the real articles.

But, even taking this factor into account, if do you happen to see a cookie jar like this described as 'rare,' yet priced as shown in this listing, don't expect it will either be truly a 'rare' piece or authentic. Nobody would place such a low value on an authentic, undamaged McCoy Pottery Mammy with Cauliflowers cookie jar.

The bottom of this reproduction has the word 'McCoy' incised, but it looks hastily applied, post manufacture. Most likely this mark was not part of the mold used to make this ceramic piece. It may have been added by hand before firing in the kiln. It certainly does not look like any real, known McCoy Pottery mark, which would have had the first 'c' laid across the middle of the down stroke of the capital 'M'. In addition, an authentic item should be marked, 'McCoy, USA' and not simply 'McCoy.' Some reproductions of this cookie jar are marked 'McCoy, USA,' however, so don't let the way the mark appears to be written be your rule for authenticating when one of these items comes your way.

Other aspects of this cookie jar example that prove it to be non-authentic are that it has a ceramic-type body unlike the kind of pottery body produced by McCoy. Details that should be crisp or stand proud of the surface are poor, such as the bow of the kerchief, which looks flat and lumpy. The lid does not appear to fit very well.

Decorative colors were applied under the glaze on the jar seen in this listing, too. Authentic examples were always only cold painted over the glaze. The colors of this item look modern and though some are close to original colors, they are not the same. The quality of their application is poor. Colors are thin and streaked.

There are several good reference books that describe and illustrate McCoy Pottery cookie jars. If you have never seen a real example up close, then images of an authentic Mammy with Cauliflowers jars in a book can still make it easier to make a comparison that will assist you in spotting differences visible in new reproductions. If you are serious about investing in this line of collectibles, invest first in some good reference works to help guide you in your collecting.

This item measures 10 1/2 inches tall, but this measurement may vary, depending on which reproduction maker produced a specific example.

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McCoy Cookie Jar Mammy with Cauliflowers

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