Brandenburg Shaving Mug or Cup with Ornate Handle - Pink RosesBrandenburg Shaving Mug or Cup with Ornate Handle - Pink RosesBrandenburg Shaving Mug or Cup with Ornate Handle - Pink Roses

This example is another decorative forgery shape which suggests itself to be an antique shaving mug. Frequently this type of item will be mistakenly identified by a seller as a mustache cup, which is another collectible niche that suffers from fake, fantasy and reproduction examples of its own. But the form of this mug is actually intended to be that of a shaving mug.

You are looking at a fantasy blank in this listing. It was developed in the late 20th century and made for the reproduction wholesale trade. They may still be making this item, since over the years the stylish, ornate handle illustrated has proved it can easily fool collectors. Be on guard for this piece to appear wearing different decorative surface designs and fake marks other than Brandenburg. It would not be unusual to find a piece identical to this piece in all ways, yet marked with a Nippon or RS Prussia mark.

The spurious 'Brandenburg' mark, with an anchor with which this item is marked is sometimes suggested to be a German mark because of the name. But, none of the items with this mark actually will say 'Germany' anywhere on the piece. These items were originally made in Japan, though current production may have now moved to another country. The mark described is not shown in this listing but it can be seen in Item ID: 2007RP00089 which is a listing for another shaving mug here in this shop.

The 'Brandenburg' mark isn't one that will ever be found in a respectable book on old china marks, as would be true for a maker's mark that is genuine. That's because this mark is a known fantasy mark that will only be found on items made in the modern era. An almost identical mark with slightly different spelling of, 'Brandenberg' with anchor is being placed on fakes/reproductions made in China and offered for sale by the same wholesale sources.

Be sure to note how bright is the gold trim on this piece and the fact that it appears to exhibit no wear, at all. This shaving mug has absolutely no patina and looks new, because it is new.

This item measures 3 1/2 inches tall and 3 7/8 inches wide.

Item ID: 2007RP000164

Brandenburg Shaving Mug or Cup with Ornate Handle - Pink Roses

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