Floral Leaded Stained Glass Lamp with Bronzed Metal BaseFloral Leaded Stained Glass Lamp with Bronzed Metal BaseFloral Leaded Stained Glass Lamp with Bronzed Metal BaseFloral Leaded Stained Glass Lamp with Bronzed Metal Base

This example is another modern fantasy table lamp. This lamp has a multi-colored stained glass shade in a tulip-type floral motif and a bronzed metal base, both of which were made to simulate the look of the components one could expect to find on an old stained glass lamp. But, don't be fooled if you see lamps such as this advertised as older-made period pieces. Many modern companies are busy today making these forms of lighting, due to their popularity and usefulness. This particular lamp is in fact contemporary.

Newer stained glass type lamps can be especially problematic when, as in the case of this example, both shade and base are of better quality. Many new stained glass lamps that are being hastily made in high volume factory settings will be easy to spot as being new due to the lack of care in their making and the low quality components used to make them, if nothing else. The metal of the base on this example, though, has been more carefully made to closely resemble a period style. And it has a handsome bronze color with the look of coloration normally achieved only through age. Pose an item such as this in the midst of authentic antique furnishings and the subliminal suggestion can be given that it, too, is also an antique, even though the text of its description may actually say no such thing. By listing an item in such a way, if the buyer later complains they thought they were buying an antique lamp the seller can claim in all honesty (or so they think) "But, I never said it was old!"

Newer lamps such as this that currently may still be in production can also quite frequently be purchased directly from a contemporary manufacturer for quite a bit less than the price at which they are being offered for sale by re-sellers. They may themselves honestly believe an item to be older than it is and thus have it priced according to its 'age' and 'rarity' (though not old or rare, at all).

Over time we will be listing additional examples of stained glass lamps that can be easily mistaken for authentic antique or vintage stained glass lamps. Using visual comparisons as guides it may be possible for buyers and dealers to more easily avoid a costly mistake in purchasing.

This lamp holds three light bulbs and is approximately 30 inches tall. Other sizes in the same design may be available.

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Floral Leaded Stained Glass Lamp with Bronzed Metal Base

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