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*Collector's Desire* Tete Jumeau "Powder Puff Lady* Musical Automaton with Total Height 21.5"*Collector's Desire* Tete Jumeau "Powder Puff Lady* Musical Automaton with Total Height 21.5"*Collector's Desire* Tete Jumeau "Powder Puff Lady* Musical Automaton with Total Height 21.5"*Collector's Desire* Tete Jumeau "Powder Puff Lady* Musical Automaton with Total Height 21.5"*Collector's Desire* Tete Jumeau "Powder Puff Lady* Musical Automaton with Total Height 21.5"*Collector's Desire* Tete Jumeau "Powder Puff Lady* Musical Automaton with Total Height 21.5"*Collector's Desire* Tete Jumeau "Powder Puff Lady* Musical Automaton with Total Height 21.5"*Collector's Desire* Tete Jumeau "Powder Puff Lady* Musical Automaton with Total Height 21.5"*Collector's Desire* Tete Jumeau "Powder Puff Lady* Musical Automaton with Total Height 21.5"

"Hurry, my dear!" The household is in an uproar as the young misses prepare to leave for the carnival. Mlle. Jumeau is turned out so prettily in her antique (possibly original) rose silk frock, a fantasy of brass buttons, frothy lace, watermarked floral silk, and scarlet feather stitching. The bonnet perched atop her original flaxen curls sits at the perfect jaunty angle, shading her brown eyes. But oh! Her face is not yet to her liking! She raises her powder-puff to her nose, then examines the result in her mirror. Over and over- will it ever be right? For more than a century, this artist has worked on her masterpiece. Wind the key and watch her do it again!

Lay your eyes upon this beauty, and do not look away! Jumeau brings us a gift in the form of this stunning automaton bebe! She is adorned in her finest attire, brimming with lace trims, silk ribbon, and brass buttons. She looks down at her reflection within her foil handheld mirror, patting and dabbing at her face with her powder puff to even out her complexion. Big chocolate-brown paperweight eyes are set within a pale face, atop a perfectly-sculpted closed mouth, with slight lip blushing, her forehead masked partially by free-flowing blond locks, stemming from her original antique mohair blond wig. Place your fingers upon the metal key at the rear of the velvet-upholstered box on which she stands, wind it up, and let soothing music serenade you as she moves her arms up and down, her head tilting left and right. Automatons such as this one truly define the highest quality of any one doll collection. Their rarity combined with the ingenuity of these early mechanisms make these dolls simply irresistible -- as if it weren't enough that she was a genuine Tete Jumeau, already considered in a class all of their own! She operates wonderfully, with the music playing loud and clear, and her arms moving back and forth with no issues. She is in outstanding condition, with only the most minor and typical wear one can come to expect from these treasures of antique doll history. Set this Jumeau duchess within your cabinet with pride, letting her watch over the rest of your collection with endearing benevolence. Dolls such as she are a once in a lifetime opportunity for many collectors, and it makes me proud to offer her here! Do not hesitate a moment more -- add to your collection the doll of your dreams, and say hello to this stunning Tete Jumeau "Powder Puff Lady" Automaton!

Please watch our upcoming video on this doll in motion, on our Instagram page, WelcomeToTheDollhouse! Also, if you are considering adding this doll to your collection, we encourage you to read the listing thoroughly, or contact us to ask for more details on this beauty! We don't want you to get any surprises when you receive this doll at your front door!

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This doll has a beautiful bisque head, on a tilting and rotating mechanism, allowing for movement with the wind-up mechanism. The head has a straight-cut neck, designed specifically for use with automatons. She has brown paperweight eyes with highly distinctive central pupils, with painted upper and lower lashes, with painted thick dark brown brows, in the French style. She has a molded closed mouth, with slight lip blushing, on an overall pale complexion. She has her originally-pierced ears, with the original antique earrings. She has her original antique golden blond mohair wig, affixed to the head, with loose waves and sparse bangs that come down to her forehead. She has bisque lower arms, with individually-modeled fingers; her left hand holds a celluloid cream-colored mirror with a reflective foil mirror surface, while her right hand holds a forest green powder puff. Her composition body is posed with her arms held out in such a way as to show her powdering her face, while examining herself with the mirror in her other hand.

She is on a burgundy velvet-upholstered box base, with a wind-up key in the back; turn the key, and music plays, while she moves her arms and her head. She wears a beautiful, top-quality antique costume. It should be noted that while we are not 100% sure, it seems to be the case that the costume is all- original. Costumes for these dolls were very specifically and custom made, and this costume fits this girl so spectacularly. The costume consists of a hibiscus-colored silk jacket, with four distinct tails in the back with brass decorative buttons. Cream lace trims the front bodice, with a ruffled front and a lace-trimmed collar. Scarlet feather stitching decorates the borders of the shoulders and the exposed inner lining of the jacket, as well as along the cuffs. She wears, with the jacket, a skirt in a watermarked cream ribbon silk, matching the jacket's lining. Underneath goes a double white cotton net lace slip, with lace trim, along with a pair of crimson cotton lace socks, and silk shoes with decorative ruffles. Her bonnet is an appropriate antique addition, in a bright red silk with cream silk inner pleated lining, offering a bold and beautiful silhouette.

Measurements (all measurements are in inches): Doll height, from base of box, to the top of the bonnet: 21.5" Doll height, without box, including bonnet: 18.5" Doll height, without box, without bonnet: 15"

MARKS: DEPOSE TETE JUMEAU 4 [back of head, red stamp]

CONDITION: Excellent! The bisque head is free of any hairlines, cracks, chips, or restoration. She has beautiful painting and modeling of features, offering a lifelike expression exhibiting the high quality that Jumeau offered. The eyes are sparkling and well-set, with nice iris coloring. There is a very minor speck to the forehead, as well as a tiny bit of a speck to the left cheek. The ear piercings have some very minor surface flakes. Finally, the neck socket has a very minor area of rubbing, where the surface paint has faded a bit to reveal the white underneath. All of these are minor issues, however, and are not uncommon for dolls of such age and rarity. The bisque hands are perfect, with no chips or any such issues, with beautiful painting. The costume is fabulous, indicative of the highest quality and professionalism that one could ever put into a doll's costume. Colors are vibrant and intricate, with detailed and delicate craftsmanship put into making an overall super fine bit of wardrobe. The upholstered box is great, with no damage to the velvet; the wind-up key and mechanism works great as well, with a nice clear sound. The arms move well, although it should be noted that the head-turning mechanism is fickle, and sometimes doesn't work. The arms move perfectly well, however, moving up and down as the mechanism proceeds with the music. Overall, this is an outstanding doll, suited for the highest shelf in your collection.

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*Collector's Desire* Tete Jumeau "Powder Puff Lady* Musical Automaton with Total Height 21.5"

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