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14" Fully Articulated Wood Body Bru Fashion Poupee with Trunk~Accessories~Two Costumes~WOAH!14" Fully Articulated Wood Body Bru Fashion Poupee with Trunk~Accessories~Two Costumes~WOAH!14" Fully Articulated Wood Body Bru Fashion Poupee with Trunk~Accessories~Two Costumes~WOAH!14" Fully Articulated Wood Body Bru Fashion Poupee with Trunk~Accessories~Two Costumes~WOAH!14" Fully Articulated Wood Body Bru Fashion Poupee with Trunk~Accessories~Two Costumes~WOAH!14" Fully Articulated Wood Body Bru Fashion Poupee with Trunk~Accessories~Two Costumes~WOAH!14" Fully Articulated Wood Body Bru Fashion Poupee with Trunk~Accessories~Two Costumes~WOAH!14" Fully Articulated Wood Body Bru Fashion Poupee with Trunk~Accessories~Two Costumes~WOAH!14" Fully Articulated Wood Body Bru Fashion Poupee with Trunk~Accessories~Two Costumes~WOAH!14" Fully Articulated Wood Body Bru Fashion Poupee with Trunk~Accessories~Two Costumes~WOAH!

Look at that outstanding face! What an amazing little angel this gorgeous 'Parisienne' by Bru is. A stellar model for the quality of her facial painting, the wonderful coloring of her extremely creamy bisque, and that budding, round faced smile, this era of poupees were the first wooden body Bru dolls created, in the 1860's, to compete with the Huret and Rohmer dolls. But what gave Bru the edge? None other than the most articulated wooden body ever made for a poupee. This model is the MOST articulated body one will find, with a swivel waist, jointed wrists, ankles, knees, and hips; she can strike any pose! And with her trunk and trousseau, this Parisienne will absolutely take your collection to the next level if you have been waiting to purchase the BEST OF THE BEST. In excellent condition, with MINT bisque, this beautiful lady will charm even the most dour observer of your display with her delightful, knowing smile, and her very charismatic presence. Not to mention her outstanding, all original white swiss dotted dress and blue wool/black silk evening dress... Not to mention that wig; yes... it is original! This doll is a gem. If you've always dreamed of a display of Bru poupees in the nude, with their original costumes on mannequins beside them as they bask in the glory of the artistry that went into the creation of their bodies and faces, this is THE ultimate poupee to add to your collection. Our special Mademoiselle will be offered with our Couronne Platin gifts and guarantees, including additional antique poupee jewelry, hand crafted earrings made of victorian Czech to the color specifications of her new owner, and luxury bon-bons, for a poupee of this caliber is cause to celebrate!

~This incredible poupee is available on layaway! Up to 1 year to pay for her is offered. We will never find another like this all original lady, and are confidant that you will be absolutely enthralled with her when you get her. Feel free to send us an email requesting more photographs, or give our office a call anytime at 718.859.0901 to hear an in hand description of her condition, or to discuss layaway terms.~ She ships for free anywhere in the world, too!

This exquisite poupee has a bisque socket head and shoulder-plate on an original, fully articulated wooden body with joints at the wrists, elbows, shoulders, thighs, belly, ankle and knees. The body features an all original finish, free of any paint touch up or restoration. The outstanding face features the most delicate painting of the eyes with full dark eyeliner, beautiful pale brows, and incredible, highly desirable painting of the plump, almost smiling lips with the most outstanding shading and accents. Sweet blushing to the cheeks, and fine rendering of the crisp features (an early one out of the mold, for sure!) Did you get a good look at her wig? It is all original in the famous, Bru Factory 'Flottante' style! I've never seen one this full before. Original cork pate, too.

Mademoiselle is in possession of an extraordinary period appropriate trunk that may contain her two gowns including her original white Swiss dotted lawn gown with a demi-train, self ruffled hem, beautiful gold buttons down the front. Her second extraordinary period original dress is a very sumptuous deep navy gown with silk covered buttons and a demi-train as well. These dresses are typical to lady's fashions at the end of the 1860's, when the Enfantine fashions were disappearing and dolls were beginning to wear lady's clothing. It is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find fashion poupee clothing from this period, so mademoiselle's two dresses are especially notable, for I have never seen such museum quality gowns of this rare pocket of time on one doll before. She also has some period appropriate accessories including an original chatelaine purse and a velvet muff with grossgrain silk tie, as well as a silk covered parasol (1880's) and a delightful vintage chapeau. Underneath she has her original set of undergarments (as far as I can tell) with a superb chemise top of the thinnest lawn I think I've ever handled (it's a bit big in the back, but does seem original, fitting her at the front perfectly), antique pantaloons, and two antique half slips (one not pictured.) Also not pictured is her large collection of antique gold jewelry including a heart pendent, a precious blue and gold enamel bar pin, a circular gold pin, and other goodies. She has fabulous antique poupee boots in an extremely peculiar color that I think goes beautifully with both of her outfits, and a mint pair of original Bru socks. What a confection of a doll! ~Don't hesitate to ask for more photos! We will be happy to provide them. **PLEASE NOTE: the Parasol shown in the first image is not included with the doll, this image was used to showcase her white dress. Parasol has already been sold.**

Marks: E

Condition: Excellent. Her bisque is in MINT condition, not one flake, chip, or spot out of place. Her body is in very good condition with only typical age flaking to the original finish; all joints still pose well and all fingers are perfectly intact. At some point in time, the kid collarette was carefully replaced. The costumes are in beautiful shape save some professional patching to the lawn dress, some reinforcement to the band of the purse as well. Her two tone ice blue-gray paperweight eyes are just captivating, the painting of features was done by a skilled hand- all details are sharp. I could not imagine a more pristine example! I honestly wanted to keep this doll... I am sort of regretting that I decided to sell her as I write this, but alas, she will make her new parent extremely proud! Many customers have, over the years, enquired as to what makes a poupee a cut above the rest, and I will candidly say that this one is just that- a prime example- because of her excellent bisque, dreaming blue eyes, and slightly reverent expression with that delicate Mona Lisa smile... Jan Foulke's guide to dolls says that the price of these poupees can double when all original- and with two stellar costumes, that chatelain purse (which alone sells for about $600 these days,) this outstanding investment that should not be overlooked. We will never have another like her!

~Our Three Tiered 'Couronne' Rewards and Guarantee System~

Couronne, the French word for crown, has always been a term dear to my heart. I was born in Paris, French was my first language, and it will always be my favorite way to talk about dolls. The royal implication of the word 'couronne' makes it an excellent adjective to describe the best of the best that we offer, here at Kathy Libraty's Antiques. As time goes on, I find it harder and harder to come across dolls of the highest and finest quality; and when I do have the pleasure of finding and subsequently offering them to my customers, expressing their growing rarity is difficult. Thus, we now have a way to do it in far fewer words than I have used in the past. Dolls of the highest excellence will now be offered in three tiers to express their level of merit:

~Couronne Dauphine D'Argent~ (Silver) To achieve the Dauphine level, a doll must be- shall we say, a cut above the pack. A doll at this level is exemplary, and would achieve Impériale or Royale status if not for a small flaw or two, acquired over her long life. These dolls are divine and stand out on their own. At this level, in addition to the doll purchased, the buyer receives a small gift, personalized thank you note, as well as a 5% off voucher for a future purchase.

~Couronne Royale D'Or~ (Gold) Dolls that achieve this level are rare, alluring, beautifully dressed and in very good condition. They exemplify everything that we look for in a doll and prize above others in a 100+ year old antique. At this level, our customers receive a small gift in addition to their package along with a personalized thank you note that is included with every doll we sell. A voucher for 7% off of your next purchase will be included.

~Couronne Impériale Platin~ (Platinum) The highest order of antique doll, a doll that is all original or otherwise exquisitely costumed . A doll that has an absolutely original body and without damage or compromise. With a doll at this level, we offer our customers a gift of antique doll jewelry, a luxury bonbon, personalized thank you note specifying the value and rarity of the item. Additionally, a voucher for 10% off of your next purchase from us. A receipt of your purchase for insurance purposes is also available upon request at this level, as well as in invitation to our Holiday Antique Doll High Tea at our home in and show room in Brooklyn, New York. *Insurance receipts are also available upon request for any doll at these levels.*

Our Service Guarantee: We promise that you will be happy with your doll, or we will do everything in our power to ensure that you have a positive experience purchasing from us. The item that you buy from us is guaranteed to be in as described condition, carefully wrapped, packed to ensure that you get the doll in the condition that it was in when we took the photographs, and lovingly taken care of until it reaches you. We are aware that we charge a little more than many, why is that? We have taken the time to painstakingly ensure that every detail of your doll is stellar, to research her history, to find out where she came from, and provide as much information as we can about this beautiful piece of history. From shoes to wig, to body, to clothes and accessories, we know that you are investing money in your purchase, and the only investments that hold up over time are ones that are cabinet ready, and visually appealing, especially for those who will consider reselling their treasures at a later date. We are promising you a beautiful doll, a positive experience, a layaway that allows you to get the doll you want, and a 3 day money-back guarantee. If you don't absolutely love your doll, we will take it back and give you a full refund, no questions asked. Because we are that confident in the quality of our beautiful dolls. Feel free to get in contact with our office for further details about our dolls, our service guarantee or our what we have coming up. Need more information on our customer service and product quality? Check out our perfect 5 star rating in the upper right hand corner of our shop banner.

TBS 8/30/16. RLI-2116.

Item ID: RLI-2116

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14" Fully Articulated Wood Body Bru Fashion Poupee with Trunk~Accessories~Two Costumes~WOAH!

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