~Tax Return Sale! We are rolling out 30 new mark-downs this week, and this lovely girl is on the list. Check out the rest of our items and search 'Tax Return' in our shop to see all of the lovely pieces freshly marked down for the event. Get this spectacular queen before she is gone for good- this is the lowest price we will ever be offering her at!~ When is the last time you saw a QUEEN LOUISE this gorgeous? I would venture to say NEVER! That's how I felt when I first laid eyes on this magnificent beauty. We know that she is a fairly common doll--but her outstanding painting, modeling and dramatic eyes are uncommon, unparalleled, and dare I say, worth investing in. If you treasure the finest quality in antique dolls--don't let this be the one that got away and become the doll that haunts your dreams for years to come. Grab her now and rest assured that you have snagged the most STUPENDOUS Queen in existence! Manufactured in Germany circa 1900 and attributed to Armand Marseille, she is a sweet bisque girl modeled after the beloved Queen Louise. We are offering her with our highest level of gifts and guarantees (more bellow.)

Historical notes:

Duchess Louise of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (Luise Auguste Wilhelmine Amalie; 10 March 1776 – 19 July 1810) was Queen Consort of Prussia as the wife of King Frederick William III. The couple's happy, though short-lived, marriage produced nine children, including the future monarchs Frederick William IV of PRUSSIA and German Emporer William I.

Her legacy became cemented after her extraordinary 1807 meeting with French Emperor Napoleon I at Tilst – she met with the emperor to plead unsuccessfully for favorable terms after Prussia's disastrous losses in the Napoleonic Wars. She was already well loved by her subjects, but her meeting with Napoleon led Louise to become revered as "the soul of national virtue". Her early death at the age of thirty-four "preserved her youth in the memory of posterity", and caused Napoleon to reportedly remark the king "has lost his best minister". The Order of Louise was founded by her grieving husband four years later as a female counterpart to the Iron Cross. In the 1920s conservative German women founded the Queen Louise League and Louise herself would be used in Nazi Propaganda as an example of the ideal German woman.
Jump at this chance to own a real beautiful piece of antique doll history.

She is GUARANTEED to be free of hairlines, chips, cracks, or restoration to the bisque head. She is GUARANTEED to be on a genuine antique German wood & composition body! She is GUARANTEED to be a genuine Armand Marseille antique doll made in Germany, in the Queen Louise model c. 1900! She is GUARANTEED to be packed with expertise and care! We are offering her on our liberal 8 month layaway plan! Take your time to pay- and she ships for free in the US.

This girl has a lovely bisque socket head on her original fully jointed composition and wood German doll body. Huge almond shaped brown sleep eyes with real upper and painted lower lashes, multi stroke and molded brows, open mouth with four upper teeth, dimpled chin, fabulous original long brown human hair wig which is hand tied and retains its original bows and long banana curls.

Dressed in a wonderful antique pale pink silk dress with delicate lace fabric over dress having antique insertion pink ribbons and rosette pattern throughout, pink silk bows at the puffy sleeves, lace trim at the collar, sleeves and high bodice, antique cotton full slip, antique cotton pantaloons with eyelet lace trim, antique cream net stockings, antique black oilcloth shoes with curved soles.


Queen Louise

CONDITION: Excellent. Excellent quality perfect pale bisque with pleasant coloring, expert painting of features, crisp modeling of desirable face. The original body in original finish condition and showing only very minor age wear. You will not find a more beautiful or more appropriately appointed Queen Louise!!

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~A Note On Our New 'Couronne' Three Tiered Rewards and Guarantee System~

Couronne, the French word for crown, has always been a term dear to my heart. I was born in Paris, French was my first language, and will always be my favorite way to talk about dolls. The circular nature and royal implication of the word 'couronne' make it an excellent adjective to describe the best of the best that we offer, here at Kathy Libraty's Antiques. As time goes on, I find it harder and harder to come across dolls of the highest and finest quality; and when I do have the pleasure of finding and subsequently offering them to my customers, expressing their growing rarity is difficult. Thus, we now have a way to do it in far fewer words than I have used in the past. Dolls of the highest excellence will now be offered in three tiers, each with an embossed tag expressing their level of merit:

~Couronne Dauphine D'Argent~ (Silver) To achieve the Dauphine level, a doll must be- shall we say, a cut above the pack. A doll at this level is exemplary, and would achieve Impériale or Royale status if not for a small flaw or two, acquired over her long life. These dolls are divine and stand out on their own. At this level, in addition to the doll purchased, the buyer receives a small gift, personalized thank you note, as well as a 5% off voucher for a future purchase.

~Couronne Royale D'Or~ (Gold) Dolls that achieve this level are rare, alluring, beautifully dressed and in very good condition. They exemplify everything that we look for in a doll and prize above others in a 100+ year old antique. At this level, our customers receive a small gift in addition to their package along with a personalized thank you note that is included with every doll we sell. A voucher for 7% off of your next purchase will be included.

~Couronne Impériale Platin~ (Platinum) The highest order of antique doll, a doll that is all original or otherwise exquisitely costumed . A doll that has an absolutely original body and without damage or compromise. With a doll at this level, we offer our customers a gift of antique doll jewelry, a luxury bonbon, personalized thank you note specifying the value and rarity of the item. Additionally, a voucher for 10% off of your next purchase from us. A receipt of your purchase for insurance purposes is also available upon request at this level, as well as in invitation to our Holiday Antique Doll High Tea at our home in and show room in Brooklyn, New York. *Insurance reciepts are also available upon request for any doll at these levels.*

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*Her Majesty* 25" Armand Marseille Antique "Queen Louise" Bisque Doll All Antique & Absolutely Gorgeous


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