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Regal 30.5" Tete Jumeau Bebe Size 14 French Antique Bebe Doll C. 1890Regal 30.5" Tete Jumeau Bebe Size 14 French Antique Bebe Doll C. 1890Regal 30.5" Tete Jumeau Bebe Size 14 French Antique Bebe Doll C. 1890Regal 30.5" Tete Jumeau Bebe Size 14 French Antique Bebe Doll C. 1890Regal 30.5" Tete Jumeau Bebe Size 14 French Antique Bebe Doll C. 1890Regal 30.5" Tete Jumeau Bebe Size 14 French Antique Bebe Doll C. 1890Regal 30.5" Tete Jumeau Bebe Size 14 French Antique Bebe Doll C. 1890

If you love the biggest and the best, look no further. A chunky bebe to have and to hold in that stunning large, coveted size 14, you will be hugging her tightly, finding her accessories, enjoying her in your display, and truly treasuring her for the rest of your life. What could be more divine than that? There is nothing short of perfect about this doll, and to tell you the truth, the photographs do NOT do her justice... In person, she is even more impressive, more beautiful, and more awe inspiring than these paltry images show. She will crown your collection. Speaking of which, this doll will be offered at our new ~Couronne Royale~ level. For more information on the importance of this distinction and the rewards she comes with at this tier, see below.

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Bisque socket head on a fully jointed and stamped Jumeau French composition and wood body. Lovely bulbous deep brown paperweight eyes, painted upper and lower lashes, multi stroke brows, open mouth with shading and accents and six upper teeth, pierced ears, red mohair wig over original pressed cork pate. Wearing an exquisite antique white cotton dress with dropped waist, tucking, insertion lace, blue silk insertion ribbon, antique bar pin, full slip and matching pantaloons, antique cream cotton knit stockings antique black leather shoes, vintage straw hat with blue feather and applied cloth flowers. A wonderful antique French bebe with all the bells and whistles! No wonder that these dolls have been treasured and loved for more than a century!


14 Oval paper label: BEBE JUMEAU Diplome d’Honeur

CONDITION: Excellent! This large and chunky French beauty boasts a fine quality bisque head with expert painting of features, crisp modeling of wonderful classic Jumeau face, very subtle and gentle color. Three teeny pin head rubs to the right cheek do not detract. The original body in sturdy original finish condition, but with typical flaking to the limbs. There are also some repairs and touch-ups to the right hand thumb and three fingertips. A super beautiful French Bebe in an appropriate antique costume with signed head and body and a sweet and shy expression! She has a dreamy, endearing demeanor that you easily can fall in love with. Don’t let this be the heirloom doll that got away!

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~A Note On Our New 'Couronne' Three Tiered Rewards and Guarantee System~

Couronne, the French word for crown, has always been a term dear to my heart. I was born in Paris, French was my first language, and will always be my favorite way to talk about dolls. The circular nature and royal implication of the word 'couronne' make it an excellent adjective to describe the best of the best that we offer, here at Kathy Libraty's Antiques. As time goes on, I find it harder and harder to come across dolls of the highest and finest quality; and when I do have the pleasure of finding and subsequently offering them to my customers, expressing their growing rarity is difficult. Thus, we now have a way to do it in far fewer words than I have used in the past. Dolls of the highest excellence will now be offered in three tiers, each with an embossed tag expressing their level of merit:

~Couronne Dauphine D'Argent~ (Silver) To achieve the Dauphine level, a doll must be- shall we say, a cut above the pack. A doll at this level is exemplary, and would achieve Impériale or Royale status if not for a small flaw or two, acquired over her long life. These dolls are divine and stand out on their own. At this level, in addition to the doll purchased, the buyer receives a small gift, personalized thank you note, as well as a 5% off voucher for a future purchase.

~Couronne Royale D'Or~ (Gold) Dolls that achieve this level are rare, alluring, beautifully dressed and in very good condition. They exemplify everything that we look for in a doll and prize above others in a 100+ year old antique. At this level, our customers receive a small gift of a doll pin and doll earrings (if desired) in addition to their package along with a personalized thank you note that is included with every doll we sell. A voucher for 7% off of your next purchase will be included.

~Couronne Impériale Platin~ (Platinum) The highest order of antique doll, a doll that is all original or otherwise exquisitely costumed in authentic, period appropriate attire. A doll that has an absolutely original body and without damage or compromise. With a doll at this level, we offer our customers a gift of antique doll jewelry, a luxury bonbon, personalized thank you note specifying the value and rarity of the item. Additionally, a voucher for 10% off of your next purchase from us. A receipt of your purchase for insurance purposes is also available upon request at this level, as well as in invitation to our Holiday Antique Doll High Tea at our home in and show room in Brooklyn, New York.

Item ID: RLI-1281

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Regal 30.5" Tete Jumeau Bebe Size 14 French Antique Bebe Doll C. 1890

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