The Zeppelin Airship Italia. Old Large PhotoThe Zeppelin Airship Italia. Old Large Photo

Old Photograph depicting the Zeppelin Italia in a hangar in Kingsbay.

Size of photo including margins: 11,8 x 9,4 inches, Photo-part: 8,8 x 6,3 inches.

The photo is in fine condition but at the margins as holes from needles and thumbtacks.

Airship Italia was a semi-rigid airship used by Umberto Nobile in his second series of flights around the North Pole.

Italia was an N-class semirigid airship, designation N4. In design it was almost identical to the N1 Norge but larger in gas capacity. Little is known of airship N2. Airship N3 was sold to Japan and became "Naval Airship No. 6". According to Italian sources, airship N5 (which was larger and had three times the lifting capacity of N1) was Nobile's preferred design for the Arctic expedition, but when funding was refused by the Italian government he built N4 with the assistance of private backers and the City of Milan.


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The Zeppelin Airship Italia. Old Large Photo

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