Engelbert Dollfuss with Family: Assassinated Chancellor. Vintage Postcard

Austrian WWII Chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss with Family: b/w vintage Postcard, unused, fine condition.

Engelbert Dollfuß (1892 –1934) was an Austrian Christian Social and Patriotic Front statesman, who was chancellor of Austria from 1932 and right-wing dictator of Austria from 1933 until his assassination by Nazi agents in 1934.

Dollfuss became Chancellor on May 20, 1932 and was assassinated in July 25, 1934 by ten Austrian Nazis of SS Regiment 89 who entered the Chancellery building and shot him in an attempted coup d'état, the July Putsch.

It was only thanks to the Heimwehr which attacked the forming units of Nazi agents that the coup did not succeed. Another reason for the failure of the putsch was Italian intervention. Mussolini assembled the Italian army on the Austrian border and threatened Hitler with a war with Italy in the event of a German invasion of Austria as originally planned by Mussolini. The assassination of Dollfuss was accompanied by Italian uprisings in many regions in Italy, resulting in further deaths. In Carinthia a large contingent of northern German Nazis tried to grab power but were subdued by the Italian units near by. Similarly, the Nazi assassins in Vienna surrendered and were executed. Kurt Schuschnigg became the new chancellor of Austria.


Engelbert Dollfuss with Family: Assassinated Chancellor. Vintage Postcard


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