Emil Jannings Letter from 1929 to Dr. Beer. Hand signed. CoAEmil Jannings Letter from 1929 to Dr. Beer. Hand signed. CoA

Authentic letter with historical importance by movie director Emil Jannings addressed to the director of the Deutsches Volkstheater ( German People`s Theatre ) Dr. Richard Beer- Hofmann. Dr. Beer Beer-Hofmann, Richard, (1866 Wien – 1945) was a playwright and lyric poet. Born in Bruenn, studied Law in Wien, worked as director for Max Reinhardt from 1924-32. He flew the Nazi in 1938 and emigrated to Switzerland first, than to the USA. He was a friend of Arthur Schnitzler, Hugo von Hofmannsthal und Hermann Bahr.
In 1946 he founded the Beer-Hofmann-Society in New York.

Emil Jannings (1884 –1950) was a Swiss born German actor and the first winner of the Academy Award for Best Actor.
A theatre actor since 1900, Jannings worked with the Max Reinhardt company in 1915-16.

After a three-year contract with Paramount Jannings received the very first Oscar ever in , for The Last Command (1928; directed Josef von Sternberg).
A wealthy man, he returned to Germany in 1929, having persuaded Sternberg to direct him once more, as Professor Rath in Der blaue Engel / The Blue Angel (1930).

In 1936 he joined the board of directors of Tobis and was involved in Ohm Krüger (1941), one of the most expensive anti-British propaganda productions of the Third Reich. In 1946 the US military officially "denazified" him.

Hotel Esplanade, Berlin letter, 5,8 x 7,4 inches. Horizontal and vertical folds, minor aging.

The Autograph comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Additionally you will receive a vintage Ross/Tobis photo postcard with an Emil Jannings facsimile signature.


Emil Jannings Letter from 1929 to Dr. Beer. Hand signed. CoA


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