Scarce Rocket Mail USA Cape Kennedy Lunar Orbiter

Scarce Rocket Mail USA Explorer 35, Cape Kennedy Lunar Orbiter.

Limited postcard (nr. 27 of 50 only) sent by the well known Austrian inventor Schmiedl on July 19th in 1967 from Cape Kennedy.

Austrian 2 Schilling stamp and Lunar - Orbiter 5 Start commemorative vignette. Very good condition.

Friedrich Schmiedl (1902 – 1994) was an Austrian rocket designer; known particularly for his development of rocket mail.

When the Second World War began, there was military interest in his work; however Schmiedl, not wishing his research to be used for military purposes, destroyed the research documents. After the war he declined an offer to work on rocket development in the USA.

The Lunar Orbiter program was a series of five unmanned lunar orbiter missions launched by the United States from 1966 through 1967. Intended to help select Apollo landing sites by mapping the Moon's surface, they provided the first photographs from lunar orbit and photographed both the Moon and Earth.


Scarce Rocket Mail USA Cape Kennedy Lunar Orbiter


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