Irene von von Meyendorff Autograph. CoA. WW2Irene von von Meyendorff Autograph. CoA. WW2

Irene von Meyendorff Autograph on b/w Ross photo.W.W.II. period.

Size: 3.5 x 5.5 inches. Very good condition.

The Autograph comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Irene von Meyendorff was controversial German actress of the WW2 period who is said to have been one of the many lovers of Goebbels.

She was born in 1916 as Baroness Irene Isabella Margarete Paulina Caecilia von Meyendorff , the eldest child of Baltic aristocrats. A few years after her birth, the Bolsheviks drove the family into exile in Germany.

Irene spent her youth in theatres and concert - halls of Weimar / Germany. When she was 18 she had become a dazzling beauty.

' I was considered the image of the ideal German women' she admitted, 'pretty, kind, stupid and faithful ' - but she also had great acting talents, as she proved when she took the lead in Laurence Housman´s play VICTORIA REGINA, which ran in Berlin until 1940. Coupled with her cinema fame, it marked her as one of the outstanding actresses of her time.

While some sources say that she was closely related to some Nazi, others say that she opposed them.

During those tarnished years German film and theatre were made vehicles of Nazi propaganda. From the start her background, both aristocratic and Weimar Bohemian, placed her at odds with Nazi ideology. The Uxküll family to which she belonged were related to the von Stauffenbergs, and her first husband, Heinz Zahler, was the part of the Kreisar circle which plotted to replace Hitler with a military government.

In 1941 Zahler, a doctor specialising in mood-latering pharmacy was appointed personal physician to Hermann Goering, who needed drugs to suppress his codeine addiction. 'Now you must kill him 'Irene urged. 'You could poison him, and no one would suspect.' Zahler chose instead to wait for the rest of the plotters to act, but was arrested by the police for possessing cocaine, to which he was addicted.

Fearful of the secrets he might reveal when deprived of the drug, Irene boldly confronted Goering, and persuaded him to overrule the police and order Zahler´s release. There is a line in Goebbels diary noting: ‘ Unfortunately Fräulein von Meyendorff seems rather cold.' Following the von Stauffenberg plot to assassinate Hitler, her recalcitrant attitude led to fewer roles, although a survey revealed that more Wehrmacht soldiers carried pictures of her than of any other movie star…..


Irene von von Meyendorff Autograph. CoA. WW2


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