Tindeco Night Before Christmas Tin BoxTindeco Night Before Christmas Tin BoxTindeco Night Before Christmas Tin BoxTindeco Night Before Christmas Tin BoxTindeco Night Before Christmas Tin BoxTindeco Night Before Christmas Tin BoxTindeco Night Before Christmas Tin BoxTindeco Night Before Christmas Tin Box

Rare Art Deco C.1920 Tindeco Lithographic Tin Box with Twas the Night Before Christmas Santa Claus Graphics

Dating to the early 1920s this Art Deco era tin box would have been filled with candy and distributed during the Christmas season. Featuring graphics relating to the famous "Twas the Night Before Christmas" poem, this antique box has all the "shabby chic" patina one desires in an old piece of Christmas. Now the box is not without issues, the 2 main points in contention are the rust showing on the outside and in and the break at the back of the cover near the hinge. That's it. The handle still moves up and down with ease - the lid opens and closes as it should although the left side of the lid needs to be pushed down a little so that it is flush with the base. In terms of displayability - well, if you have a lot of old Christmas, this piece is going to fit right in perfectly!

Size: When the handle is down, the box measures 4-5/16" long x 2-5/16" wide x 2-5/16" high.

Tindeco tins are usually priced by condition. In searching the net, a pristine box commands around $200 or so on the Internet.


About Tindeco:

The Tindeco factory was located on Baltimore’s waterfront, and began making tins primarily for the American Tobacco Company beginning in June 1914. Its modern factory was the largest tin decorating plant in the world and employed (by 1922) 3,000 employees who could produce four million tins a day. The tins ranged from tobacco to medicine to talcum powder to candy. The Tindeco factory was self-sufficient. Everything needed to make a tin except the raw materials, was within the factory confines. This included an art department, and machinists to design the dies needed. Paints were ground and mixed on site. The Tindeco machine shop was one of the finest in the United States. Many of the employees, but especially the machinists, were highly skilled German and Polish immigrants. Many of the machines used in the tin industry were invented in the Tindeco machine shop.

Producing the beautiful tins that we collectors so covet today, was a dangerous business. Factory workers in the lithography department were considered lucky if they had all their fingers. The 4 foot x 4 foot tin plates, when coated with paint, were slippery and they had knife-sharp edges. There was a fully equipped surgical room within the factory, along with a full-time nurse and a company doctor for the men who weren’t careful enough. It was also hot in the lithography department. The windows couldn’t be opened when the presses were running because a draft would blurr words on the wet paint. The ovens that baked on the color really heated the department up, making that area of the factory hot to work in.

Tindeco was sold to the Owens-Illinois Glass Company in 1935.

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Tindeco Night Before Christmas Tin Box


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