Gorham Mythologique Dessert ForkGorham Mythologique Dessert ForkGorham Mythologique Dessert ForkGorham Mythologique Dessert ForkGorham Mythologique Dessert ForkGorham Mythologique Dessert ForkGorham Mythologique Dessert ForkGorham Mythologique Dessert Fork

Antique Gorham Sterling Silver Dessert Fork in Mythologique Pattern - Centaur and Man

Dating to 1894 may I offer this single silver dessert fork in the Mythologique pattern by Gorham. The design is of a man standing in front a centaur. There is a monogram on the reverse in a fine script that I believe is DMC.

Condition: Being vintage, there are light marks of use, storage and time. The image is not crisp as this piece has been used and polished quite a bit. The patina to the silver is wonderfully warm and I try to only lightly polish for photos, the main polish I leave to the new owner. There are no major defects like dings, dents or ugly blemishes that might spoil the beauty of the silver.

Metal Content: Sterling Silver with Hallmarks or 925/1000 and the Gorham figural marks.

Size: Length on a straight line is 7-1/8"; width at the tines is 1" at the widest section.

Weight: Hefty at 62 grams.

Final Comments: I know it's not as crisp as some people would like but the design is so hard to find that I couldn't bear to let it be melted. I have priced this rock bottom and hope to find a home quickly.


NOTE: St. Louis is headquarters to one of the best consignors to my shop. They take in a lot of silver flatware and hollow ware as part trade for sale of their jewelry. Some of the pieces are wonderful and I want to save as many as I can from being scrapped so I will be offering as many silver items as possible. When I can, I will beat anyone’s price on RL. I want to turn over the silver inventory quickly so I can keep loading in more. St. Louis was a boom city in the 1800s and the silver inventory here is legendary. For those who know, the 1904 World’s Fair held one of the largest competitions in silver design – all the big maker names of the day competed and a lot of the winning pieces stayed in St. Louis after the Fair ended. So keep watching my listings, I never know what I am going to have week to week – all I know is it will be varied, fabulous and deserving of a good home.

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Gorham Mythologique Dessert Fork


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