Reed & Barton Francis I Sauce LadleReed & Barton Francis I Sauce LadleReed & Barton Francis I Sauce LadleReed & Barton Francis I Sauce LadleReed & Barton Francis I Sauce Ladle

Reed & Barton Sterling Silver Francis I Pattern Gravy or Sauce Ladle

First produced in 1907 may I offer a single sauce of gravy lady in the Francis I pattern by Reed & Barton. I show 2 ladles in this listing so you have your choice - the ladle with NO monogram or the ladle with an R (in script) monogram at the back. Both ladles are in excellent condition with a good strike to the design.

Condition: Being vintage, there are light marks of use, storage and time (as well as some dust particles showing in my pictures). The patina is wonderfully warm and I try to only lightly polish for photos, the main polish I leave to the new owner. There are no major defects like dings, dents or ugly blemishes that might spoil the beauty of the silver.

Metal Content: Old Reed & Barton hallmark, Sterling on the R ladle - newer hallmarks of STERLING, Reed & Barton on the ladle with no monogram.

Size: Length on a straight line is about 6-1/2"; width at the bowl is 2-3/16".

Weight: No monogram - 76 grams. R monogram - 71 grams.

Final Comments: Beautiful pattern - beautiful silver.


NOTE: St. Louis is headquarters to one of the best consignors to my shop. They take in a lot of silver flatware and hollow ware as part trade for sale of their jewelry. Some of the pieces are wonderful and I want to save as many as I can from being scrapped so I will be offering as many silver items as possible. When I can, I will beat anyone’s price on RL. I want to turn over the silver inventory quickly so I can keep loading in more. St. Louis was a boom city in the 1800s and the silver inventory here is legendary. For those who know, the 1904 World’s Fair held one of the largest competitions in silver design – all the big maker names of the day competed and a lot of the winning pieces stayed in St. Louis after the Fair ended. So keep watching my listings, I never know what I am going to have week to week – all I know is it will be varied, fabulous and deserving of a good home.

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Francis I, Reed & Barton
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Reed & Barton Francis I Sauce Ladle

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