Inca King Atahnalpa ChromolithographInca King Atahnalpa ChromolithographInca King Atahnalpa ChromolithographInca King Atahnalpa Chromolithograph

Antique Victorian Chromolithograph of Father Valverde Addressing Incan King Atahnalpa

Dating to the late 1800s may I offer this splendid unframed chromolithograph that I took from The Discovery and Conquest of the New World by Washington Irving. The book contained only 11 color illustrations and this is one of them. On offer now is Father Valverde Addresses the Inca Atahnalpa - Propounding to Him the Principals and Mysteries of the Church, and his Obligations to the Vicar of God on Earth.

Vicente de Valverde y Alvarez de Toledo, O.P. or Vincent de Valle Viridi was a Spanish Dominican friar, who was involved in the Conquest of the Americas, later becoming the Bishop of Cuzco.[1]:176–177[2] He became the first resident bishop in South America. He was born in Oropesa, Spain, about 1495 and most sources claim he died on Puná Island, now part of Ecuador, in 1541, at the hands of the indigenous peoples.

Printers Marks: Copyrighted 1892 F.E. Wright - Painting by O. Graeff

Condition: Excellent high color - the page is still covered with its original onionskin covering. No foxing, stains, etc. Just the light look of "age" to the cream of the pages.

Size: The page measures 7-1/2" x 10"; image size is 6" x 8-1/2" approx.

Final Comments: Stunning!


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Inca King Atahnalpa Chromolithograph


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