A late 19th century Leeds (marked)) Silver Luster Puzzle Jug with 3 spouts and an impressed verse on the belly of jug. The cut-out or pierced portion at the top, above and below the spout, is quite elaborate. The jug has an impressed “Leeds” mark on the bottom (rare to find them marked!). It is 7” tall and 3 ¼” in diameter at the top; the handle to lead spout distance is about 6”. The jug is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, lines or restorations. Although the verse is hard to read, it is similar to ones that I’ve seen on other examples: Gentlemen, now try your Skill / I'll hold your Sixpence if you Will / That you don't drink unless you spill.

Puzzle Jugs were English Pub jokes! A vessel with open-work cut-outs around the neck and rim, they were filled with ale or cider and customers were ‘dared’ to drink without spilling. One can only imagine that after an evening of imbibing, this was no mean feat! (The trick was to use your fingers to cover the hole under the top of the handle, and the ends of all but one of the spouts; if you used the remaining spout like a straw, liquid would be drawn from inside, up the tube in the handle through a second hole at the bottom of the jug and around the top rim. Even when sober, it is not an easy thing to do.


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Leeds Silver Luster Puzzle Jug, Late 19th C



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