Double Deck Abacicard “Swisscard” 100% Plastic Playing Cards, IstanbulDouble Deck Abacicard “Swisscard” 100% Plastic Playing Cards, Istanbul

Abaci Kart Sanayi Ve Ticaret, A.S., aka “Abacicard” is a maker of cards – not just playing cards, but all kinds of cards – based in Istanbul, Turkey. Here is how it describes itself in the English version of what is presented at its website:

“ABACICARD is a plastic and scratch card producer in Turkey since 1985. We are proud to be the market leader as the first and the largest card manufacturer, thanks to our factory plant in Istanbul.

“We are serving our 1200 customers with cutting edge technologies. ABACICARD has one manufacturing plant in Istanbul and sales offices in Ankara and Istanbul. Also our system integrator company SWISSCARD was founded later on in 1993 in partnership with Printoplast AG (Switzerland).

“ABACICARD is one of the significant companies in ‘on time delivery’ and quality. We performed many first in Turkey. Some of these achievements have been published in the Turkish Media as great success.

“ABACICARD has a product range beginning from magnetic stripe cards, scratch cards up to governmental – ID cards like driving licenses and high tecnology RFID (proximity) cards.

“ABACICARD has been the pioneer and the leader manufacturer in Turkey in card manufacturing since its foundation in 1985. We are known as the first domestic manufacturer for the first driving license cards. When ABACICARD was founded, it was accepted as a evry successful enterprise for Turkey that a first native Turkish company would be able to manufacture all kinds of cards and paper tickets locally, in the world quality standards. Consequently, it did not take much for many of the large banks, associations, governmental establishments and similar important customers to receive ‘full solution’ services from ABACICARD

“In year 2000, we have been the first local scratch card manufacturer in Turkey. In the previous years the Turkish GSM companies did not prefer local supplier because of security vulnerabilities and in parallel with the potential problems. For the first time the TELSIM GSM Company started working with ABACICARD in Turkey. This cooperation has kept on going even when Vodafone bought the shares of TELSIM GSM Company.

“Today, with its 120 staff, ABACICARD’s production capacity has reached to 700 million scratch cards per year. Most of the ATM Bank cards, all the paper highway tickets, the largest shopping centers’ loyalty cards, most of the important universities’ ID cards, many similar international and domestic cards are being manufactured by ABACICARD. So we have become the first adress of most of the customers whenn they need card solutions.”

And, most important to this listing, Abacicard makes playing cards as well:

“We make custom playing cards. If you are looking for custom playing cards for your next project then you are at the right place. We are a leading playing card manufacturing company doing all type of custom playing cards (PVC, PLASTIC PLAYING CARD), personalized playing cards, card game printing, board games, casino playing cards, tarot cards, trading cards to name a few.

“We print more than a hundred thousand packs of custom playing cards each day working with game developers globally. Our secret? A skilled workforce that brings experience and passion.”

If it is to be believed, the last sentence is the impressive part – 100,000 packs of playing cards per day is a very big number! The “Swisscard” brand – thus identified -- must be a very small percentage of these decks or they would be much more common than they are. The World Web Playing Card Museum does not mention “Abacicard” or “Swisscard” at all, and to learn anything about the company, the only source, in English at least, is the company’s own website, quoted at length above. Presumably, Abacicard makes decks for casinos that bear only the name of the casino, and do not mention Swisscard; also, the number quoted appears to include trading cards. That said, and whatever the explanation, it is remarkable to encounter a playing card manufacturer of this size that receives so little publicity and is apparently so little known in Western playing card circles.

In any event, the double deck of “Swisscard” cards listed here is a playing card product of this company. The back designs used for these decks are shown at the Abacicard website. Each deck has 52 suited cards, plus an information card. The information card is in English on one side, and Turkish on the other. One of the decks has 2 Jokers, the other has only 1. The Ace of Spades in the deck is a knock-off of the Nintendo Ace, and the Jokers are no doubt standard Swisscard Jokers, although given the scarcity of this brand they are probably rare nonetheless. The cards are bridge size, and come in the original Swisscard hard plastic box.

The cards are in excellent condition, “as new” or nearly so, as one would expect of relatively recent 100% plastic cards. The box is also in excellent condition.

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Double Deck Abacicard “Swisscard” 100% Plastic Playing Cards, Istanbul


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