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Large Edwardian Gilt Brass Sash Buckle w/Chasing “BLM” - image 1 of 9

Large 1900s gilt brass sash buckle in an oval shape features pretty chasing: A subtle border of grooved lines and arrows on the inner and outer edges of the buckle, with a dainty garland of little flowers (perhaps pansies or forget-me-nots?) and leaves in between.

The oval frame has a straight vertical bar down the back center, to which a substantial pair of curved prongs is attached in front. I have been unable to learn anything about the buckle’s maker (“BLM”), whose mark is on the back.

The Edwardian emphasis on a wasp waist saw a wide range of belt materials and styles--from “wash" belts to crushed silk taffeta “girdles” to 4.5” wide kid leather cinchers--as well as a wide range of clasping devices--from brooch-like buckles and two piece ornaments of cut steel, enamel, and cast sterling, to simple harness style buckles with a single prong or oversized examples like this one. Sometimes the buckles were sold as “waist sets”, with the larger clasp in front, and a smaller "slide" in back.

Photos #5, #6, and #7 show a range of belts and buckles in the Montgomery Ward 1901/2 catalog and the Macy’s 1905/6 catalog; numerous period ads promote wide kid or fabric belts with “large oval gilt buckles” in front. The example being offered here has a distinct asymmetry to its prongs (photos #3 and #4), due either to hand-manufacture or to its repeated use to pierce and fasten a thick belt (or, perhaps, to both factors!)

Measurements are 3.5” wide and 2.5” high: digital weight is 38 grams. Other than the prong bend or irregularity mentioned above (which has been factored into the price), this striking early belt buckle is in very good condition, with the gilt finish bright and ready to accent your statement waist-cincher of choice.

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Large Edwardian Gilt Brass Sash Buckle w/Chasing “BLM”


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