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Two deadstock cards of early 1930s Czech cut glass “trimming gems” or sew-on rhinestones (a dozen per card) are printed in black on a lovely terracotta color cardstock, with the “gems” sewn down in double rows of 6.

The cards feature charming a period font, as well as the quaint linguistic customs of the day, with “Rhine Stone” printed as 2 separate words, and Czecho-Slovakia” as a hyphenate--highlighting the geographic origin of the “gems”, as well as the novelty of the young country (created in 1918) that produced and exported them.

Likewise, the cards’ suggestion for where to use the “gems” (along with on “gowns”, “dresses”, “hats”, “etc. etc.”) includes “waists”, a term used more or less interchangeably with “blouses” at the start of the decade, but which sounded a bit old-fashioned by its end.

The 3 ½” x 5” cards are in good shape, with a faint ¼” water stain on one card (photo #6) and two tiny smudge marks on the other (photo #9). The metal settings for the “gems” (they appear to be brass) show tarnish/darkening, but do seem to confirm the cards’ boast that they “will not rust”.

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NOS c1930 Czech “Trimming Gems” Sew-On Rhinestones 2 Cards


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