Steiff Mummy Rabbit with TagsSteiff Mummy Rabbit with Tags

Cannot find this specific item in internet search. Found "Hoppity" which is similar. Need to know if this is "vintage" i.e. older than 20 years. Also, wouldn't mind help with a fair price if it is vintage. Thanks! We are offering a tagged Steiff gray rabbit. The tags identify this as #2962116 Made in Germany Mummy Steiff Knopf and Ern Tier von Steiff Fur Immer Dein--an animal from Steiff Forever Yours. The bunny has gray fur with white face and fluffled tail. He carries a red bow and has brown eyes. He is pinked at the cheeks (artificially done after purchase?) and a red mouth. The back of his ears are peach. In a crouch position, he measures 6 1/2" tall and 7 1/2" long. No stains, no holes. Item 2265a

Item ID: 288916 2265a

Steiff Mummy Rabbit with Tags

$35 USD

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