Who's Doll is this?Who's Doll is this?Who's Doll is this?Who's Doll is this?Who's Doll is this?

I found this doll in the closet of my father's house along with the dolls that belonged to my sister and me. However, it is too old to have been ours in the early 1960s, but not old enough to have been our mother's in the 1930s. It could have been our cousin's who is inbetween. I have not found anyone who can tell me what company marked their dolls with a capital B at the top of the butt. Her head is oily, but not sticky. Her blue sleep eyes are clouded. Her body is very soft and in great condition. Her toes and fingers have well marked joints and nails. There is a manufacturer's hole in the back of her head. Her hair is molded. She is large as you can see from the photo of my husband holding it. When I found her, she was was dressed in footed sleepers.

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Who's Doll is this?

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