Historic  “Jacob Diehl * Reading” Pennsylvania Cherry Tall Case Clock with Fabulous carved Tympanum !!! Circa 1805. - image 1 of 15

Historic “Jacob Diehl * Reading” Pennsylvania Cherry Tall Case Clock with Fabulous Carved Tympanum Circa 1805 !!!
Jacob Diehl was Born 1776, and died 1858 in Reading, Pa.

Jacob operated Daniel Rose’s Shop in Reading from 1800 until Rose’s return from Political Life in 1804. Both Diehl & Rose movements had very distinctive double “Cyma Curved Gothic Arch Cut-Outs” on the bottom of the Front & Rear Movement Plates, with a Tiny Hole above the Decorative Centers. (Mysterious Holes Not used for any pinions)

The Painted White Dial is inscribed "Jacob Diehl * Reading"; a Berks County, Pennsylvania Clockmaker.

Description :
Cherry Case made Circa 1800, old dark surface, broken arch molded pediment with dramatic carved Rosettes above a Relief carved Leaf & Floral tympanum. The top of the Waist has “Basket Weave” blind fretwork on three sides, above the shaped door, flanked by fluted quarter columns, paneled base with ogee bracket feet. Brass eight day movement with Hourly Strike. Dial is arched with a moon dial, seconds bits, and date aperture. Pendulum Rod & Lead backfilled Brass Bob, with and two Cast iron weights, also appear original to the period. False Plate is marked "Osborn" and the Dial backs are also marked "Osborn, Birmingham, England". These White Dial imports were normally bought for the American markets. Later they became available from Patton/Jones, Phila, Boston manufactory, or from local Benjamin Whitman's shop. The Cast iron bell is also marked “Ainsworth * Warranted“
(George Ainsworth was a Warrington, England cast iron Foundry & Pinion Maker. Circa 1805-1815 production)

Condition :
Overall Excellent state of preservation retaining an old mellow surface, Hand Carved Rosettes, some of the side elements of dentil molded cornice molding have been replaced, dial is all original with an overall even crackle, light stains with some spots of retouch. Movement has it’s original saddle/seat board, original feet with some patches and repairs to front façade. Original Bulbous Berks County Finials.

Dimensions : Overall 95 inches High x 25-1/2” Wide and 12” Deep.

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References : This clock is pictured in “Pennsylvania Clockmakers and Watchmakers”
“Allied Crafts By ; James B. Whisker, page. 172+173, illustrated in Figures 35-36.
Also illustrated “Berks County Tall Case Clocks” 1750-1850, page. 41,84, and 85.

Exhibition catalog done by the Historical Society of Berks County, September 16, 1995 - March 16, 1996.

Provenance: Frank Harchuska, prop. Antique Investments, purchased at Brunk Auction 9-17-22
From the Personal Collection of C.L. Prickett since acquisition from Pook and Pook Auction for $26K in 2015.

Clockmaker Dial Signed "Jacob Diehl * Reading"
The incised Hand Carved Case attributed to the Cunnius Shop. (aka a Renown Building Contractor from berks County)

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Historic “Jacob Diehl * Reading” Pennsylvania Cherry Tall Case Clock with Fabulous carved Tympanum !!! Circa 1805.


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