This is a porcelain or pottery Japanese rectangular bottle or vase with squares front and back and rectangular end sides. The date fits into the time frame of when the Kakiemon potters preferred to fire rectangle or square objects, so either the 18th or 19th century.

The bottle or vase is 5 ¼” high, 3 7/8” long and 2” wide.

The bottle is glazed white inside and out. The decoration is one of enamel colors fired on top of the glaze, so that the enamel is mostly raised with just stems and such that appear to be hand painted, or flat against the glaze. The front and back has a flying bird, a large flower, stems and leaves.

The top is enameled yellow with a pink and green border below it, and a pink and green border at the bottom.

The yellow enamel drips down inside the mouth of the vase. There are small pits in the enamel and glaze due to the wood firing process at the time. There is a separation of colors between the bands in small areas. There is some fading of colors due to age. There are some glaze skips inside the vase that is common with the older pieces, like where a side meets the bottom. There is age wear on the bottom. The bottom glaze also shows a few dark specks, which is indicative of firing in a wood fired kiln, as in ash flecks.There are no nicks, chips, cracks or crazing.

I think this may be older Kakiemon, so please don’t confuse it with the Kakiemon designs on elegant Meissen china. However, it is up to the buyer to determine age, and probably knowing when the colors were used is how to do it.

The piece is not signed.

Hand Painted, Porcelain, Pottery
Green, Pink, Red, White, Yellow
Japan • Japanese
Bottles, Vases, Urns

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Japanese Square Bottle Vase Fired Enamel Overglaze Birds Kakiemon c 1750 - 1850


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