Bohemian Moser Czech 10” Art Glass Vase Deep Purple Amethyst Applied Flower High Relief c 1890 - 1930 - image 1 of 10


This is a Bohemian art glass vase. The glassmaker is Moser. The date is likely circa 1890, however the applied flower decoration was used by Moser circa 1890 to 1930. The globular shape of the vase indicates a date closer to 1890 as does the beading and other parts of the decoration.

The glass is thick. The color appears black, but when you shine a light on it the glass glows with a beautiful deep purple color. You can see this color in the literature about Moser.

It was difficult taking photos of the vase so as to show this beautiful purple color, so in many photos there may be distractions in the photos as I attempted to position lighting, along with the light glares reflecting back off of the gorgeous glass.

The vase is 10” high and 4 ½” wide at the lower belly.

The shape is globular, or tubular, with a round lower belly, pinching in and going out at the top. The rim is polished flat; the glass is ¼” thick at the rim. The pontil is round, indented and polished smooth. The bottom shows some light scratches and sitting wear.

The decoration is called flowers in high relief. The flowers are applied, all hand done of course, and the leaves are hand enameled and outlined in white enamel. There are sprays of raised white enamel. There are scrolls and beading in raised relief that is more of a copper color than a gold color.

Regarding the leaves, it is difficult to tell if there is wear on some of the edges, particularly at the top, or if it not all of the leaves are full, and some are just partial. Given the age, I would think with handling over the decades that there would be some wear to the edges of the leaves where a hand would grip the vase, so please zoom in on the photos and see if the decoration is ok with you.

The glass has no nicks, chips or cracks.

This vase is gorgeous: the color, all of the hand painted detail and the shape.

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Bohemian Moser Czech 10” Art Glass Vase Deep Purple Amethyst Applied Flower High Relief c 1890 - 1930

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