English Coalport Staffordshire 6-Sided Perfume Bottle Pale Green Miniature Landscape Hand Painted Scenes Raised Gold c 1891 - 1901 - image 1 of 10


This is an English Staffordshire perfume bottle with a stopper; or it can be used for a cologne or any scent. The maker is Coalport. The date is circa 1891 to 1901.

The material composition is a soft paste porcelain, the type of soft paste used by the Staffordshire companies, and it is sometimes identified as a pottery. This type of porcelain has a tendency to craze, which is where the glaze on the material develops fine age lines. Most collectors of Staffordshire are used to seeing crazing, but I put it out there for those of you who are used to buying hard paste porcelain and you view crazing as a flaw and it isn’t a flaw with this type of material composition.

The perfume bottle is 4 3/8” high to the top of the stopper and 3 ½” wide at the body. I believe the stopper is original to the bottle though it fits loosely due to shrinkage over the years; if you decide to purchase please keep in mind that I may be wrong and the stopper is not original.

The shape of the bottle is lovely with six sides.

The glaze is a soft pale green, perhaps a Celedon.

On the front side, in reserve is a miniature hand painted scene with people, a boat, a river, perhaps a dam, buildings on the far shore, and mountains and sky. Raised gold surrounds the miniature painted in raised relief. On the back side of the bottle there is another painting in reserve that is even smaller. This painting looks like a person walking along a path above the river, with foliage and mountains. Again, the painting is bordered with raised gold designs.

On the sides where there are no paintings, there are stems and leaves in flat gold. There is a gold design around the top and again around the bottom.

The perfume bottle is exquisite and the rarity is high. The bottle is entirely hand painted by a Coalport artist. I love to find the antique pieces with paintings in miniature, and every time, I marvel at the talent that can paint detail into such a small space.

If you look at the close-up of the paintings, you will be able to see the crazing I mentioned. There are no nicks, chips or cracks. There is obvious gold wear on the stopper.

On the underside there are several marks. There is the green mark of the crown with England above and Coalport AD 1750 below. This mark was used between 1881 and 1939. However there is a store mark, the store who commissioned the piece and for how it was to be hand painted. The store mark is a red double circle containing the words Pitkin & Brooks Chicago Lake & State Sts. Pitkin & Brooks was a high end store, specializing in the finest of porcelain and glass for wealthy consumers. This was their mark used in the last part of the 19th century, before their building burned in 1901, and so this narrows the date to circa 1881 to 1901. Above the Coalport mark in hand enameled gold is the number letter combination “V2478;” this number shows as being upside down in the photo. Off to the left is an oval brown and red sticker with the handwritten “Coalport 1022.” The sticker, I did not take it off as it is old. I don’t know if it is original to the piece or something added on at a later date by the estate.

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English Coalport Staffordshire 6-Sided Perfume Bottle Pale Green Miniature Landscape Hand Painted Scenes Raised Gold c 1891 - 1901

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