American New England 7.5” Reverse Amberina Art Glass Celery Vase Red-to-Amber Thumbprint c 1880 - image 1 of 8


This is an American art glass celery vase, produced by one of the glassmakers in the New England region. The date is circa 1880.

Amberina and reverse amberina glass was produced for quite a few years before the glassmakers took out patents on their unique processes for making the glass.

The vase is 7 1/2” high and 3 3/8” wide at the mouth.

The glass is a reverse amberina, meaning the color is a cranberry red at the bottom and transitions to an amber at the top.

There is a history of American celery vases if you are not a collector and are unaware of the history. It is how the wealthier Americans ate during the 1800s up through the early 1900s. Celery was a luxury food, used as a side dish or eaten between meals. The celery leaves were left on, and the stalks were placed in a glass vase with water. Over time the glass industry produced beautiful glass celery vases, either entirely hand blown, pressed or cut, and of slightly different heights and widths. Occasionally a collector can find a celery vase in porcelain imported into the country, but mostly the vases were glass produced by American glassmakers.

The pattern in the glass is a very light and evenly spaced thumbprint, and the indentations are quite shallow.

The shape is interesting in that the mouth is blown out into a roughly square shape. The rim is rounded. The pontil is round, indented, and polished, with a small pontil scar. The glass is light, not heavy.

There are a few air bubbles and a few tiny folds in the glass. There are no chips, nicks or cracks. The bottom shows a lot of age wear.

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Pink, Red, Yellow
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American New England 7.5” Reverse Amberina Art Glass Celery Vase Red-to-Amber Thumbprint c 1880


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