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This is a Bohemian Czech art glass vase or pitcher. I’ve had several glass collectors tell me the maker is Harrach, circa 1870 to 1880, and that the glass is called “Atlas”, which is Harrach’s rainbow satin MOP.

The estate clipped an ad from an antique dealer who was advertising the sale of an art glass collection in the magazine “Hobbies”, issue July 1970, on page 70. I took a copy of this faded piece of paper, and this clipping will go to the buyer of this piece. The dealer had a collection of Lutz for sale and the ad includes a photo of this pitcher, though this pitcher is larger, and a description of the piece. The vase or pitcher was thought to be produced by Lutz (American) because the estate had a collection of Lutz and this vase was part of the collection.

The description reads as “Rainbow Mother of Pearl Satin Glass, striped in pink and blue, in the Raindrop design …frosted applied handle.”

Lutz was a skilled glassblower, who trained at St. Louis in France before emigrating to the USA, and one of his achievements was the art of creating rainbow glass. He was known for other types of glass too, like lemonade glass, threaded glass, paperweights with flowers inside, etc. However this piece is believed to be by Harrach, not Lutz.

The shape of this pitcher is one of four spaced indentations in the belly, a wide neck, and a frosted handle that rises up over the mouth; the shape is the same as the shape shown in the photo of the clipping. However, this pitcher, it is 9” high to the top of the handle, 7 5/8” high to the top of the mouth, and 5 ½” wide at the belly. The pitcher in the clipping is 6 ¾” high to the top of the handle, so quite a bit bigger. The collectors who contacted me said that this is a known Harrach shape from this time period.

The rainbow stripes are vertical and evenly spaced, a pastel pink followed by a pastel blue (almost a gray in shading.) The raindrops are of different sizes, and some are more oblong than round. The interior glass is white.

The frosted handle shows the color of the backdrop I used. Sorry. It is a clear frosted glass.

The pontil is round and polished, but with an indentation scar where the rod snapped off. There is a lot of wear on the bottom.

The pitcher needs cleaning, something I did not do. There are a few tiny black specks that may be ash caught up in the glass or it may be something that can come off; I did not make an attempt.

There are no chips, nicks or cracks.

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Bohemian Czech Harrach Art Glass Vase Pitcher Atlas Rainbow Mother-of-Pearl MOP c 1875

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