Sir Walter Scott, 1771- 1832. 1st Baronet.  FRSE 1820-1832.Sir Walter Scott, 1771- 1832. 1st Baronet.  FRSE 1820-1832.Sir Walter Scott, 1771- 1832. 1st Baronet.  FRSE 1820-1832.Sir Walter Scott, 1771- 1832. 1st Baronet.  FRSE 1820-1832.Sir Walter Scott, 1771- 1832. 1st Baronet.  FRSE 1820-1832.Sir Walter Scott, 1771- 1832. 1st Baronet.  FRSE 1820-1832.Sir Walter Scott, 1771- 1832. 1st Baronet.  FRSE 1820-1832.Sir Walter Scott, 1771- 1832. 1st Baronet.  FRSE 1820-1832.


PUGH classifies this STAFFORDSHIRE figure of Sir Walter Scott as RARE. Sir Walter Scott is famous worldwide for being a prominent 19th Century Scottish Author, Poet, Historian, Playwright. These roles he played in his free time, in between and after working hours. During the working hours he was a Lawyer, Advocate, Judge, Sheriff-deputy and Clerk of Session. In fact, here he is, depicted being immortalised by an unknown `Staffordshire' pottery manufacture to commemorate his fame as a great man of his time, and if you were a follower, or a fan of Scott's in his lifetime, one could buy this statute of him, and take him home, to reinforce your liking and reverence of him.

This statue is exceptional being in such excellent, original condition. It displays very well. The strong colourful features of his dress and his much loved loyal dog, `Maida', are all in original bright fresh colours, which are a delight. Wonderful to view and experience at first hand. There are occasions when I experience seeing well modelled Staffordshire figures, dogs, and other animals, I find I get a special buzz from experiencing those that are well formed, well coloured and in very good condition.

As with many Pottery and Porcelain figure modelling, the modeller finds the need to give their creations an added integrated structural support, otherwise it would not stand or position itself as the creator visualises the finished article. Therefore a typical feature of many figural structures are the structural supports, normally a thickening of the model, to provide the support and the many different ways the modellers create artistically features which are incorporated in the design to blend in with the subject.

So there is no surprise seeing such a thickening of the statute portrait structure here with this figure of Scott. On this occasion, the figures stability is much improved by the skilled modeller, who discreetly covers the non- aesthetic necessity of the introduction of stability, by changing the body's thickened appearance, into that of a brickwall, set in-between Scott's legs. The distinctive scraffito brickwork feature, of a commonly and easily recognisable stretcher bonded brick wall, does this very well in my opinion. It does a very good job in distracting ones eye easily, and effectively away from its real subliminal objective, which is simply, structural stability.

Scott was the first English Author to have such a truly International career in his lifetime, with many Contempory readers in Europe, Australia and North America. His novels and poems are still read, and many of his works are classics of both English Language literature and of Scottish Literature. Famous titles include, Ivanhoe, Rob Roy, The Lady of the Lake, Waverley, The Heart of Midlothian, and The Bride of Lammermoor. He was prominent member of the Tory establishment in Edinburgh, and was an active member of the Highland Society, and served a long term as President of the Society of Edinburgh.

References to, Pugh's Staffordshire Portrait Figures of the Victorian Era. Page H501, plate 18, fig.57 with associated text, and Page H493, Colour plate 61. ...also a fantastic reference and account to Scott and his life to be found in Wikipedia. Well worth a visit to, and either just read or download the whole section on Scott which seems to turn into a book of reference to his life.

This Staffordshire figure seems to be pre-1850. As a guide, apparently the clothes worn by pre-Mid. Nineteenth Century Staffordshire Figures are painted showing their coats, jackets and shawls etc. being coloured all the way round the back of the figure to the other side. Were as after the mid.nineteenth century, as a general guide, figures were not painted all the way round the figure.

Secondly, the figure has been glazed with a glaze throwing a slightly blued colour transparency, a sign that it is the very famous `Pearlware' glaze invented by Joshia Wedgwood in about 1760, and proved to be so successful it attracted great interest from the trade in the British Pottery Industry, that apparently manufacturers used it for about 60 years after its conception. As this figure is covered in this glaze, one imagines that this figure might have been made about 1820-40. Scott died in 1832 and if this figure was made as a commemorative then, it looks as if the figure was made during the 1830's. If on the other hand this figure was made to supply a nouveaux international market rapidly gaining interest in Scott as a poet, one could imagine it may have been made a bit earlier, say, around 1825-1830. So I'm going to suggest this figure was made somewhere between 1825-1840.

This figure weighs 785gms/ 1lb 11.8oz's.

Dimensions. 26.8cms or 10,9/16" tall. The filled in base is 12.2cms or 4,3/4" long.

Condition. Excellent. Almost like new. Tiny manufacturing faults, like burnt frit marks, the usual comment/remark about their being much aged minor crackella showing in the glaze.

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Sir Walter Scott, 1771- 1832. 1st Baronet. FRSE 1820-1832.

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