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This is part one of four magnificent archives consisting of two historic and legendary southern families I will be listing over the next several weeks. These families in question are the James Knox family of Rowan County, North Carolina and other Knoxes and the James Caldwell Sproull family of Bartow County, Georgia and other Sproull’s. Let’s begin briefly with the Sproull family and one James Caldwell Sproull who was a planter from Abbeyville, South Carolina who married Eliza Margaret Marshall Sproull who was the daughter of another wealthy South Carolina plantation called Cedar Grove. Together they built the legendary plantation named Valley View located in the Etowah River Valley region of northwest Georgia, between the towns of Cartersville and Rome.. The Knox family aims in interest with Captain James Knox, grandfather of President James Knox Polk,. James Knox, born in 1752 in what was at the time Rowan County, served in the American Revolution as a captain in the North Carolina militia, participating in the skirmishes at Hanging Rock and Charlotte in 1780. His father, William Knox, the president’s great-grandfather, had been killed fighting as a North Carolina militiaman at Ramsour’s Mill.

After the war Knox fathered several children by his wife Lydia Gillespie Knox. His daughter Jane Knox subsequently married Samuel Polk, a farmer from the Little Sugar Creek community of Mecklenburg County. The couple possibly lived at the Knox farm for a few years before settling on their own piece of land south of Charlotte on a bend in Little Sugar Creek. James Knox Polk, the eleventh president of the United States, was born to them on November 2, 1795.

The Knox family and the Sproull family had marriages and friendships beginning in the 19th century. The entire four archives represent these friendships and marriages through letters and photographs.

Now allow me to describe this particular grouping. Let’s begin with the dove-tailed field trunk. This trunk has the name J.D.Gaillard CSA painted on with a Palmetto Tree decorated around the key hole. J.D.Gaillard was a 1st Lieutenant in the 6th South Carolina Confederate Army. Inside this Civil War document trunk is in order dated January 16th 1864 from Confederate Brigadier General John Bratton promoting 2nd Lieutenant J.D. Gaillard to first lieutenant because of the deaths of Captain J.D.Brice and 1st. Lieutenant Milling of 6th Regiment, South Carolina Infantry.
Galliard's connection to the Knox family has not been researched. But there has to be a valid reason this trunk and contents ended up with a Sproull or Knox family member.

Inside this trunk when it was opened was an original 1905 edition of THE KNOX FAMILY A GENEALOGICAL AND Biographical sketch of the Descendants of John Knox of Rowan
County, North Carolina and other Knoxes.

By Hattie S.Goodman Richmond,Virginia; Whittet fef Shepperson, Printers and Publisher in the year 1905.
On page 211 of this book it features a photograph of John L.Knox, R.M.Knox, Dr. Nicholas Knox, James Polk Knox ,T.Knox and William H.Knox.

What is unique about this photograph in the book is that the original photograph used for this publication is included in the archive as shown in the images provided.

This photograph also appeared in the Confederate Veterans newsletter in June of 1897. All the sons pictured in this photograph served in the Confederate Army.

Contents found in the trunk begin with a one-sixth plate daguerreotype of George Knox born July 17th 1774 and died July 24th 1869. His son was Rev. James Knox who helped considerably with the Knox family book mentioned in this description and as stated published in 1905.
(Other items as found in the trunk include):
18th- multi-toned century eye wash glass cup
Early Blue glass ink well
Civil War Utensils belonging to Lieutenant J.D.Gaillard
Hand-sewn Victorian Babies Christening Cap
Hand-Sewn Victorian Table lace table doily
Civil War pill box with mirror
19th century Betsy Ross First American parade flag
Knox Family photographs
Victorian tape measure
Japanese Hand Fan (unopened)
Poker Chips
Silhouette of Scottish Terrier
Various bric-a-brac
Copies of genealogical records as found in the trunk.

In conclusion all this entire archive may have originated from James Knox Simpson who was born June 8th of 1886 and died May 19th 1937 in Jacksonville, Florida where the entire archive was found, though it is just as likely this archive came from a Sproull family member which the vast majority of the archive consist of. I will be adding archives 2 through 4 in my shop later this month so please check back. You don’t want to miss these treasures.

And you certainly don’t want to miss out on the above described.
(Trunk measures 22’ inches in length and 9’ inches in height)


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Civil War Confederate Archive Knox Family 1st Lt. J.D.Gaillard South Carolina Regiment


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